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Fyrimynd:Kvalifisering til EM í fótbólti 2016, bólkur A

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Please read before you update the table:

  1. Final score only: Most importantly, make sure the score is final. Don't update based on games that are still ongoing.
  2. Both teams: Update the record of both teams (not just the winner or the team you support).
  3. Every column: Update every column (not just Pts). Pay close attention to GF, GA, and GD (errors will be hard to detect).
  4. Correct positions: Make sure the teams are in the correct positions. In particular, make sure teams with the same number of points are ranked correctly based on the tiebreakers of the tournament.
    • The tiebreakers for this tournament is at UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying#Format.
    • For UEFA tournaments, the first tiebreaker is results in head-to-head matches (1. points; 2. goal difference; 3. goals scored; 4. away goals scored), not overall goal difference.
    • Be especially careful when three or more teams are tied on points, as the computation of their head-to-head tiebreaker is not straightforward (for example, team A have beaten team B, but team A can be ranked behind team B based on three-way tiebreaker also involving team C).
  5. Results grid: Add the score in the results grid.

If in any doubt, check with standings from the official website (http://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro/qualifiers/index.html) or other reliable sources.

Pos Lið Lkt V J T MF MM Stg Kvalifikatión
1  Kekkia 10 7 1 2 19 14 +5 22 Fer víðari til endaligu EM-kappingina
2  Ísland 10 6 2 2 17 6 +11 20
3  Turkaland 10 5 3 2 14 9 +5 18
4  Niðurlond 10 4 1 5 17 14 +3 13
5  Kasakstan 10 1 2 7 7 18 −11 5
6  Lettland 10 0 5 5 6 19 −13 5
Dagført til dystur(ir) leiktir hin 6 September 2015. Kelda: UEFA
Reglur fyri klassifikatión: Qualification tiebreakers

Fyrimynd:UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying talk

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Full table[rætta wikitekst]

Pos Lið Lkt V J T MF MM Stg Kvalifikatión Kekkia Ísland Turkaland Niðurlond Kasakstan Lettland
1  Kekkia 10 7 1 2 19 14 +5 22 Fer víðari til endaligu EM-kappingina 2–1 0–2 2–1 2–1 1–1
2  Ísland 10 6 2 2 17 6 +11 20 2–1 3–0 2–0 0–0 2–2
3  Turkaland 10 5 3 2 14 9 +5 18 1–2 1–0 3–0 3–1 1–1
4  Niðurlond 10 4 1 5 17 14 +3 13 2–3 0–1 1–1 3–1 6–0
5  Kasakstan 10 1 2 7 7 18 −11 5 2–4 0–3 0–1 1–2 0–0
6  Lettland 10 0 5 5 6 19 −13 5 1–2 0–3 1–1 0–2 0–1
Dagført til dystur(ir) leiktir hin 6 September 2015. Kelda: UEFA
Reglur fyri klassifikatión: Qualification tiebreakers

Usage[rætta wikitekst]

This template is designed to collect information, which is used in several articles, in one location. The UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying group tables are shown on the overall qualifying page, as well as the pages for each Group, if not other pages as well. This template should replace the need to update the same information on several pages.

In article[rætta wikitekst]

To add this table to an article, type {{UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying Group A}}.

Editing[rætta wikitekst]

Until the first match starts, the order of teams and the |update= and |start_date= should indicate the date of the first match. Once the qualifying campaign starts, remove the |start_date= parameter and set |update= to the appropriate date of the last date for which the matches are included.

During tournament[rætta wikitekst]

After each group round match, update the table and ensure the order of teams and the |update= parameter are also updated. For example:

What you type
{{#invoke:Sports table|main|style=football
|update=30 October 2014 |source=FEEFUH
|teamwidth=180 |only_pld_pts={{{only_pld_pts}}} |template_name=UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying Group A

|team1=BBB |team2=CCC |team3=DDD |team4=AAA
|result1=Q |result2=Q |result3=3rd

|win_AAA=0 |draw_AAA=0 |loss_AAA=2 |gf_AAA=4 |ga_AAA=7 |status_AAA=
|win_BBB=2 |draw_BBB=0 |loss_BBB=0 |gf_BBB=9 |ga_BBB=1 |status_BBB=A
|win_CCC=1 |draw_CCC=1 |loss_CCC=0 |gf_CCC=4 |ga_CCC=3 |status_CCC=T
|win_DDD=0 |draw_DDD=1 |loss_DDD=1 |gf_DDD=2 |ga_DDD=8 |status_DDD=

|col_Q=green1 |text_Q=Advance to [[UEFA Euro 2016|final tournament]]
|col_3rd=blue1 |text_3rd=[[UEFA Euro 2016|Final tournament]] or [[UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying play-offs|play-offs]]
|col_PO=blue1 |text_PO=Advance to [[UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying play-offs|Play-offs]]
What you see
Pos Lið Lkt V J T MF MM Stg Kvalifikatión
1 BBB (A) 2 2 0 0 9 1 +8 6 Advance to final tournament
2 CCC (T) 2 1 1 0 4 3 +1 4
3 DDD 2 0 1 1 2 8 −6 1 Final tournament or play-offs
4 AAA 2 0 0 2 4 7 −3 0
Dagført til dystur(ir) leiktir hin 30 October 2014. Kelda: FEEFUH
(A) Kom víðari til næsta umfar; (T) Kvalifiserað, men ikki enn til tað vístu fasuna.

To change the order of the teams, set |team1= to the team in first place in the group, |team2= to the team in second place, etc. The order of data entry does not need to be changed. The status of team TTT can also be set during the qualifying stage if the outcome is known:

  • If a team will definitely advance to the final tournament, set |status_TTT=A
  • If a team will definitely finish third or better, set |status_TTT=T
  • If a team will definitely be eliminated, set |status_TTT=E

When the qualifying position of the third place team is known change it as follows:

Result Parameters
Team advances to final tournament |status=A and |result3=Q
Team advances to play-offs |status=A and remove |result3=PO

Also update the match results with the |match_AAA_BBB= inputs, the first team is the home team, the second team the away team.

After qualifying stage is complete[rætta wikitekst]

When the group is complete, set |update=complete, |status=A. After all groups are finished, the parameters |status=A and |status=E may be removed across all groups, as the outcome of the group stage is evidenced by the row color and the last column.

Display options[rætta wikitekst]

If a smaller displayed table is desired, the parameter |only_pld_pts= can be defined in the template call to display only the position, team, games played, and points columns. This display may be desired when multiple groups must be displayed, but the full details are not required. Valid values of |only_pld_pts= to display a truncated table are 1, yes, y, true, and t. The matches table can be included by the same valid entries for |show_matches=. A team can be highlighted by setting |showteam=TTT, with TTT the team code for that team.

Additional information[rætta wikitekst]

Additional information regarding how this module works is available in the documentation of Module:Sports table.