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Tech News: 2019-43[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-02[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-03[rætta wikitekst]

MediaWiki message delivery (kjak) 13. jan 2020 kl. 18:39 (UTC)

Tech News: 2020-04[rætta wikitekst]

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Redirects created by 2003:CF:3F17:1DE3:7836:497E:5D71:1B35[rætta wikitekst]

Hi, could you check the redirects this IP created and take appropriate actions if needed? Could be a LTA but I am not certain of it. Thanks in advance. Masumrezarock100 (kjak) 24. jan 2020 kl. 19:41 (UTC)

Tech News: 2020-05[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-06[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-16[rætta wikitekst]

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Just 2 words in Montemagno[rætta wikitekst]

Hi, dearest EileenSanda, how are you? Me and my family are going well, with problem of Covid-19, but we still are afraid! I'm staying home with smartwork, and I've time also to open new pages in Wikipedia.

Please, can you watch this new page I've opened and translate for me just 2 words I've written in Englis?

Just translate ... at Noth-East from... ana that's all. Thanks a lot for youe very important help, see you soon.

Rei Momo (kjak) 14. apr 2020 kl. 09:11 (UTC)

Tech News: 2020-17[rætta wikitekst]

20. apr 2020 kl. 18:44 (UTC)

Tech News: 2020-19[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-20[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-21[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-22[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-23[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-24[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-25[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-26[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-27[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-28[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-29[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-30[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-31[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-32[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-33[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-34[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-35[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-36[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-37[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-38[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-39[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-40[rætta wikitekst]

28. sep 2020 kl. 21:24 (UTC)

Wikipedia Asian Month 2020[rætta wikitekst]

Wikipedia Asian Month 2020

Hi WAM organizers and participants!

Hope you are all doing well! Now is the time to sign up for Wikipedia Asian Month 2020, which will take place in this November.

For organizers:

Here are the basic guidance and regulations for organizers. Please remember to:

  1. use Fountain tool (you can find the usage guidance easily on meta page), or else you and your participants’ will not be able to receive the prize from WAM team.
  2. Add your language projects and organizer list to the meta page before October 29th, 2020.
  3. Inform your community members WAM 2020 is coming soon!!!
  4. If you want WAM team to share your event information on Facebook / twitter, or you want to share your WAM experience/ achievements on our blog, feel free to send an email to or PM us via facebook.

If you want to hold a thematic event that is related to WAM, a.k.a. WAM sub-contest. The process is the same as the language one.

For participants:

Here are the event regulations and Q&A information. Just join us! Let’s edit articles and win the prizes!

Here are some updates from WAM team:

  1. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year we hope all the Edit-a-thons are online not physical ones.
  2. The international postal systems are not stable enough at the moment, WAM team have decided to send all the qualified participants/ organizers extra digital postcards/ certifications. (You will still get the paper ones!)
  3. Our team has created a meta page so that everyone tracking the progress and the delivery status.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts, feel free to reach out the WAM team via emailing or discuss on the meta talk page. If it’s urgent, please contact the leader directly (

Hope you all have fun in Wikipedia Asian Month 2020

Sincerely yours,

Wikipedia Asian Month International Team 2020.10

Tech News: 2020-41[rætta wikitekst]

5. okt 2020 kl. 16:25 (UTC)

Maurizio Micheli[rætta wikitekst]

Dearest Eileen Sanda, how are you?

Me and my family are vey well, but still afraid cause the virus. In Caselle Landi we jadd 22 deaths, :-(.

Please, I ask you 3 minutes of your time to translate the 2 lines only of the biography of this page. I'll be pleased to help you in Italian. Thanks a lot for your very important help!!!

Rei Momo (kjak) 8. okt 2020 kl. 11:26 (UTC)

Thank you, my dear, see you soon, have a nice week end!!! Rei Momo (kjak) 10. okt 2020 kl. 10:34 (UTC)

Tech News: 2020-42[rætta wikitekst]

12. okt 2020 kl. 15:25 (UTC)

Tech News: 2020-43[rætta wikitekst]

19. okt 2020 kl. 16:32 (UTC)

Translation request[rætta wikitekst]

Hello EileenSanda, Would you write / translate the article of Isabelle de Charrière (Q123386) for the FO Wikipedia? That would be appreciated. Boss-well63 (kjak) 20. okt 2020 kl. 15:59 (UTC)

Tech News: 2020-44[rætta wikitekst]

26. okt 2020 kl. 17:39 (UTC)

Tech News: 2020-45[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-46[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-47[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-48[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-49[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-50[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-51[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2020-52[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-02[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-03[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-04[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-05[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-06[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-07[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-08[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-09[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-10[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-11[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-12[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-13[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-14[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-17[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-18[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-19[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-20[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-21[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-22[rætta wikitekst]

31. mai 2021 kl. 17:06 (UTC)

MediaWiki:Uctop[rætta wikitekst]

Hello, sorry for the English. Pages like Serstakt:Brúkaraíkast/EileenSanda currently show "( (ovast))" with two sets of parentheses. You can fix this by removing them from the MediaWiki:Uctop page. Thanks. 1234qwer1234qwer4 (kjak) 6. jun 2021 kl. 17:35 (UTC)

Now done by Ladsgroup in a global cleanup effort. 1234qwer1234qwer4 (kjak) 6. jun 2021 kl. 21:05 (UTC)

Tech News: 2021-23[rætta wikitekst]

7. jun 2021 kl. 20:03 (UTC)

Tech News: 2021-24[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-25[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-26[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-27[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-29[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-30[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-31[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-32[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-33[rætta wikitekst]

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Tech News: 2021-34[rætta wikitekst]

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Read-only reminder[rætta wikitekst]

A maintenance operation will be performed on Wednesday August 25 06:00 UTC. It should only last for a few minutes.

This will affect your wiki as well as 11 other wikis. During this time, publishing edits will not be possible.

Also during this time, operations on the CentralAuth will not be possible (GlobalRenames, changing/confirming e-mail addresses, logging into new wikis, password changes).

For more details about the operation and on all impacted services, please check on Phabricator.

A banner will be displayed 30 minutes before the operation.

Please help your community to be aware of this maintenance operation. Thank you!

24. aug 2021 kl. 20:35 (UTC)

Tech News: 2021-35[rætta wikitekst]

30. aug 2021 kl. 16:02 (UTC)

Tech News: 2021-36[rætta wikitekst]

6. sep 2021 kl. 15:20 (UTC)

Tech News: 2021-37[rætta wikitekst]

13. sep 2021 kl. 15:36 (UTC)