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Teams[rætta wikitekst]

Hi EileenSanda. I give you the new version of the code, thanks for the translations, but I prefer if you put them on d:Module:Cycling race because there is a risk I don't see them on DA Wiki.

I need you create a lot of articles about cycling teams with just a introduction and the 2016 roster. You don't need to add an infobox because a common infobox will arrive in the future. This will permits me to add previous rosters, and the infobox when it will exist. Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick (kjak) 7. sep 2016 kl. 09:22 (UTC)

Ok, I didn't know about that page on Wikidata. Which articles do you mean I should create? Can you give me an example? Is there a list over relevant teams? --EileenSanda (kjak) 7. sep 2016 kl. 09:54 (UTC)
On Fyrimynd:Cycling race/listofteams, we have the examples of Wanty-Groupe Gobert, Bora-Argon 18, Fortuneo-Vital Concept, Roompot-Oranje Peloton, Topsport Vlaanderen-Baloise, Gazprom-RusVelo, Stölting Service Group, Wilier Triestina-Southeast, Nippo-Vini Fantini, Delko-Marseille Provence-KTM, Wallonie Bruxelles-Group Protect, Roubaix Métropole européenne de Lille, Crelan-Vastgoedservice, HP BTP-Auber 93, Armée de Terre, Bardiani CSF, Caja Rural-Seguros RGA, ONE Pro Cycling, Wiggins, An Post-ChainReaction, JLT Condor, Madison Genesis, NFTO. It don't need a very big work, one phrase to introduce, categories, and roster given with one line of code thanks to Wikidata. Thanks to this, you will receive little to little updates. If you have the time, you can play to write articles about old teams, for example fr:Équipe cycliste IJsboerke where I translate from catalan and add rosters. For 2016, we have on FR Wiki fr:Liste des équipes continentales en 2016. As you can see it is not perfect, because it rest teams to write articles. In the next months, we will be able to reuse all datas from Wikidata, so it will change a big number of things. For example you will can write articles about season team or stages because you will receive all the datas and will be able to write text. Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick (kjak) 11. sep 2016 kl. 15:41 (UTC)
You have today a new function : Fyrimynd:Cycling race/teamtimetrialclassification. It is rare we use it but it is logic to have specific functions.
Ok, thank you for the info. I will create as many as I can of the missing articles. --EileenSanda (kjak) 11. sep 2016 kl. 16:39 (UTC)
Thank you. For Wanty-Groupe Gobert, the 2015 roster was on Wikidata. If you need a particular roster for a particular season, you can contact me without problems. Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick (kjak) 12. sep 2016 kl. 09:05 (UTC)
Ok. I copied the 2015 roster from the English Wikipedia, I didn't know it was on Wikidata also. --EileenSanda (kjak) 12. sep 2016 kl. 09:09 (UTC)
Where can I find a page about ONE? I can't find any cycling team with this name on the English Wikipedia.--EileenSanda (kjak) 12. sep 2016 kl. 09:13 (UTC)

Thanks a lot and happy week end[rætta wikitekst]

Dearest EileenSanda, how are you?

Me very fine. This summer I traveled 10 days in Pesaro, and th Aug. 24th I felt the earthquake! At 3,40 a.m. I was get up, my room was moving like a boat! But it was 30 seconds afraid only. I'm sad for the 295 victims.

Well, I visited Pesaro Cathedral, and soon I'll open the page of biskupur Borromeo, ok? When I'll open, I'll tell you, ok? Thanks a lot for your precious help and hope to hear from you very soon. Have a nice week end.

Rei Momo (kjak) 9. sep 2016 kl. 18:00 (UTC)

Hello dear Rei Momo. I am glad to hear that you are okay, it must have been a shock for you to feel the earthquake. I learned about it in the news, terrible situation. I'm also sad for the victims. You too have a nice weekend. You are welcome to write about biskupur Borromeo. Best wishes --EileenSanda (kjak) 9. sep 2016 kl. 21:52 (UTC)

Luigi Carlo Borromeo[rætta wikitekst]

Good afternoon, dearest EileenSanda, how are you? Weel, as I told, I opened the page about biskupur Borromeo. I tried to copy something, but there are some lines I ask you, please, to translate.

I'll be pleased to help you in Italian or Portuguese. Thanks a lot for your precious help and have a nice week end.

Rei Momo (kjak) 10. sep 2016 kl. 13:41 (UTC)

Thanks a loto for your precious help, and have a nice Sunday|!!! Rei Momo (kjak) 10. sep 2016 kl. 21:54 (UTC)
I also wish you a nice Sunday :) --EileenSanda (kjak) 10. sep 2016 kl. 22:00 (UTC)

hi[rætta wikitekst]

Hi, the article about Olympiskir leikir is vandalized. Could you delete the last edits? --Ursusmaritimus (kjak) 9. sep 2016 kl. 18:04 (UTC)

Hi, thanks for letting me know! I didn't know that. I have rolled back the last edit. --EileenSanda (kjak) 9. sep 2016 kl. 21:44 (UTC)

Tech News: 2016-37[rætta wikitekst]

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