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Now Commons[rætta wikitekst]

With 90% of the fowiki files now in Commons, it is easy to create articles showing them in other Wikipedias. One such result is ia:Andreas Hans Emil Christian Weihe. The data in the infobox is completely coming from Wikidata and Commons.

Hundreds of files have been moved to Commons from local Wikipedias and 108 Wikipedias have switched to have zero local media files or never had any. A list of them : meta:List of Wikipedias having zero local media files, including Swedish and Danish WP. The Bokmal Wikipedia still has one file Wiki.png and Nynorsk has 16 files. Maybe fowiki also can switch to zero local media files. 20. mai 2016 kl. 12:04 (UTC)

Hello, thanks a lot for your work here. Yes, I think that would be a good idea, that the Fareoese Wikipedia should not have any local media files, I will see what I can do. Thanks for the info about the infobox. How can I do the same here? Is there a template on the English Wikipedia which I could use here? --EileenSanda (kjak) 20. mai 2016 kl. 12:40 (UTC)
Regarding the infobox I added a new section below. Regarding the files, there are currently 140 left in fowiki. 125 of these are in Bólkur:NowCommons. If they are deleted then one can easily find the remaining 15 in Special:ListFiles and review what to do. 20. mai 2016 kl. 14:21 (UTC)
Could you delete some more from Bólkur:NowCommons? Yesterday Ilokano Wikipedia switched to zero local files. Count of zero-local Wikipedias is now 109. 21. mai 2016 kl. 19:30 (UTC)
Maybe you can delete the next 30? Then fowiki is below 100 local files. 22. mai 2016 kl. 09:48 (UTC)

If a local file has the same name as different in Commons, the image inclusion via Wikidata may display the image of an unrelated item, e.g. a different person. Among the person photos there were some that had the name used by a different file in Commons, so the local file was transferred to a different name in Commons. What is stopping the deletion of the local files that have been transferred? 23. mai 2016 kl. 11:40 (UTC)

Nothing is stopping the process except that it takes time, I will delete them as soon as I can, but there is also a lot of work to do on Wikidata. --EileenSanda (kjak) 23. mai 2016 kl. 11:46 (UTC)
Ok, I understand. Now Serstakt:Hagtøl says there are 112 files. If you could delete 13 then fowiki is below 100. Maybe I can do some work in Wikidata for you - but I now see what you did there, adding labels - great! Well, I cannot help with that. 23. mai 2016 kl. 13:08 (UTC)
No, you cannot help with adding labels in Faroese on Wikidata :) It has to be me or some other Faroese-speakig person. I will delete at least 13 more files, so we will be below 100. --EileenSanda (kjak) 23. mai 2016 kl. 13:17 (UTC)

I created some person-placeholder pages for persons in Bólkur:NowCommons that are already in Wikidata (often with links norsk/dansk WP). I added the image in WD and linked to fowiki. Rasmus Rasmussen was more complex as several items exist in WD, and the disambiguation terms between WPs vary. I made ia:Rasmus Rasmussen (disambiguation) with disambiguation by year. Year is short and does not reduce a person to one occupation. And I found a possible mistake as nowiki has a politician born 1880 and another born 1886 but both died 1961. (no:Rasmus Rasmussen (politiker), no:Rasmus Rasmussen (fagforeningsleder)). Now I came back and see your message to stop with the placeholdes. OK, I understand. I was not fully sure it would be liked. Could you help with creating two articles for Mikkjal Danielsen? 1) - football player 2) the politician c:File:Mikkjal_Danielsen.png ? I tried for the birthdate, but didn't find a search for people. 24. mai 2016 kl. 11:31 (UTC)

I don't understand why you need a placeholder page? An article here must be in Faroese and must have some text, I can't see the point of creating articles with only this text: "Olaf Johannes Olsen - eitt menniskja." It says absolutely nothing, only that he is a human being, what else should he be? There are a lot of the photos of Faroese politicians (old) which don't have any article here or on any other Wikipedia. --EileenSanda (kjak) 24. mai 2016 kl. 13:54 (UTC)
I wanted to help you and fowiki. I personally don't need any placeholder page. The pages were in Faroese and they linked to articles in nowiki and dawiki, so it would be easy for a Faroese speaker to expand, from nowiki/dawiki text. Anyway, I stopped and will not create more. When I now find links in nowiki or dawiki, I create a stub in iawiki instead. iawiki also uses the images from Wikidata, so they are displayed at least in one Wikipedia article. Best, 24. mai 2016 kl. 14:08 (UTC)
I am sorry about that, its just that I did not wish to have a lot of very short stubs here, but I am glad for the work you have done here and you are welcome to continue, I find it quite exciting with the new infoboxes which take all the informations from Wikidata. I am sorry that I said it in the way I did, thanks for your effort and your help! Kind regards --EileenSanda (kjak) 24. mai 2016 kl. 16:38 (UTC)
I am happy to here you are excited about the new WD-infoboxes. It also helps to find differences between WD and the article. I have seen articles -not in fowiki- that had other birth information than WD. I will add some more person-boxes to existing articles now. :-) 24. mai 2016 kl. 19:19 (UTC)
Ok, thanks a lot :) --EileenSanda (kjak) 24. mai 2016 kl. 19:26 (UTC)

17 files left in fowiki, some additional files just transferred, so that now 16 of the 17 files are in Bólkur:NowCommons. The file File:HansJH.jpg cannot be transferred because it was deleted in Commons. Undeletion requested at c:Commons:Deletion requests/File:HansJH.jpg, but deleting admin is no longer admin. Now another request at c:Commons:Undeletion_requests/Current_requests#File:HansJH.jpg. Waiting for the 16 to be deleted :-)... 26. mai 2016 kl. 14:17 (UTC)

I have deleted all files now, and the statics now say minus four files, how can we have minus four files? --EileenSanda (kjak) 26. mai 2016 kl. 19:01 (UTC)
In the afternoon I already saw a mismatch and placed a request at User_talk:Dereckson. The counter had been out of sync in other WPs too. My understanding: On deletion the counter is reduced, on upload increased. If it was out of sync, it could stay so longer. But for fowiki it seems to be fixed, at least both methods return "0". 27. mai 2016 kl. 03:18 (UTC)
Ok, yes, now it says zero :) --EileenSanda (kjak) 27. mai 2016 kl. 04:52 (UTC)

Infobox, categories, lists, Wikidata[rætta wikitekst]

I copied the generic article-space infobox from iawiki and translated to English : Fyrimynd:Infobox/article. It is now in Andreas Hans Emil Christian Weihe. In iawiki for persons there is a specialised infobox ia:Template:Infobox/typo/persona. You could copy that maybe to Fyrimynd:Infobox/article/person or Fyrimynd:Infobox/article/human in case it should be restricted to humans. Restricting to humans might make the connection with Wikidata easier as there should be "instanceOf=human". At ia:Wikipedia:Lista de classes de articulos there is a list of all infoboxes - they cover all items in the article space. Person, territorial entity and taxon are the largest. For each of these three there are more than 2 millions items in Wikidata. There are some problems with the classification in Wikidata, the claims subclassOf and instanceOf are not applied consistently. Also, the taxons might be better covered by subclassOf=biota as there are dog breeds which are subclasses of biota but are not taxons. Human races could also be covered by subclass of biota, they are all subclasses of the taxon homo sapiens sapiens but don't form their own taxon. On the other hand dolphines (ia:Delphino) belong to different taxons.

Ideally the categories would be calculated from Wikidata, but currently in iawiki each infobox also has a hardcoded category. E.g. ia:Categoria:Instantia de persona - person here also includes groups of people and legal entities, not only natural persons (humans). And then there is ia:Categoria:Wikidata:Instantia de esser human which contains all articles where the item in Wikidata has instanceOf=human.

All larger lists are in the Annex-namespace [1] and in the last 24h the first list has been converted to be maintained by ListeriaBot: ia:Appendice:Lista de statos de Brasil. The lists have Template:Infobox/appendice/lista. 20. mai 2016 kl. 13:49 (UTC)

If you have any question ask here, and if I don't reply write at ia:Discussion Wikipedia:Infobox. I am watching iawiki more than fowiki. 20. mai 2016 kl. 13:51 (UTC)
It sounds quite complicated I think. The infobox you created for Andreas Hans Emil Christian Weihe does not show his birthday or date of death here or any other information except that he is human, so not so useful for now. But the idea is interesting, and if it works well it might by a good idea, but I am not sure. --EileenSanda (kjak) 20. mai 2016 kl. 23:21 (UTC)
It showed the image :-). Anyway I added a box specific for humans. The box can be improved later and all articles will benefit. An example where it revealed data that was not in fowiki is Einar Waag. I just added {{{infobox/article/human}}} and voila, an image showed up. This template may especially be useful in fowiki on pages about humans that are not from Faroe. Some people where a lot of data is in Wikidata. 21. mai 2016 kl. 02:18 (UTC)
Some additions to US politicians [2] and to Angela Merkel. 21. mai 2016 kl. 02:49 (UTC)
Please don't add it to a lot of articles, before I have a chance to translate it into Faroese. The problem is that I don't understand the language you write in, so I can't translate it. Is there a corresponding infobox on the English Wikipedia, so I can have an idea how to translate it? It look a bit like Fyrimynd:Infoboks persónur which is based on this template from the English Wikipedia: en:Template:Infobox person. I also need to translate a lot of properties on Wikidate if that template should work properly here. --EileenSanda (kjak) 21. mai 2016 kl. 05:25 (UTC)
It is okay now with the translation of the infobox, I found out that most of it was the same as the one I asked about. I will have a look at the articles where you added the infobox and try to make translations to Wikidate where the Faroese word is missing. You can add the infobox to more articles about non-Faroese people if you like, it seems to work well now that it has been translated, but only add it where there is no prior infobox. --EileenSanda (kjak) 21. mai 2016 kl. 06:18 (UTC)

One question: What is the English word for "Identificatores"? --EileenSanda (kjak) 21. mai 2016 kl. 06:25 (UTC)

Happy it is now in a state you like. The word is "identifiers", most important that come to my mind are ISNI and VIAF. Yes, many Q-items need translation, also for interlingua. I know no way to have the Pxyz names (names of properties) in the infobox. Then one would only need to translate in Wikidata and the template could be completely language neutral and re-usable in other wikis. What also is missing a way to split fields and to have local links. I can do linking, but when several occupation exist the link would go to "journalist, politician". Also if the label is "X" but the article is at "X (dab-term)" then I don't know how to link. But with modules this can be done. So when technology is progressing, then one only needs to edit the template and all person-arcticles would benefit. Much less editing work. 21. mai 2016 kl. 14:25 (UTC)

When I edit the article about Ronaldo, it seem that this template needs to be created: Fyrimynd:Image class names but I can't find it on the English Wikipedia, where can I find it? --EileenSanda (kjak) 21. mai 2016 kl. 19:39 (UTC)

It exists in some wikis [3], including iawiki ia:Patrono:Image_class_names. I will remove the reference from the infoboxes in iawiki and fowiki, and mark the template for deletion in iawiki. There is also other stuff that needs to be changed. Good that iawiki and fowiki are both only using data from Wikidata, so they can share their experiences. Here, iawiki is profiting from fowiki :-). 22. mai 2016 kl. 09:45 (UTC)

Hasar løgnu amerikansku boksirnar[rætta wikitekst]

Hey Eileen, tað sær út til, at tú ert komin á lagið at finna út av, hvussu hasar amerikansku boksirnar verða umsettar beint.
Aftan á seinastu broytingina (hjá brúkara Jagldýr) so búgva 3 komma 8 fólk í Hoyvík!! Flestu fólk kunnu hugsa sær til, at hetta ikki passar og helst skal vera 3 túsund og 800 fólk. Men veitst tú, hvussu hetta kann fást beint í boksini? Benadikt (kjak) 15. mai 2016 kl. 20:33 (UTC)

Hey, eg fekk loyst trupulleikan vid manglandi punktum eftir dag, t.d. 1. januar, men tað sær verri út við komma í tølum, har ið vit vanliga ikki seta komma. Eg royndi at rætta í einum modulið eftir tí svensks, men so vísti tað seg, at feilir hendu í øðrum fyrimyndum. So í løtuni dugi eg ikki at loysa trupulleikan. Evt. mugu vit bara nýta tær gomlu infoboksirnar, til trupulleikin er loystur. Vh. --EileenSanda (kjak) 16. mai 2016 kl. 11:16 (UTC)
OK. Ja, eg kann hugsa mær, at tað er eitt sindur verri at fáa kommaið/kommaini burtur, tí proseduran, sum genererar tað/tey (fyri hvørji 3 siffur) er meiri kompliserað enn at seta eitt einkult tekn eyka í dato. Eg kann royna at spyrja onkrar kollegar, sum arbeiða við teldufrøði. Heilsan Benadikt (kjak) 16. mai 2016 kl. 19:42 (UTC)
Ok. Eg haldi at tað kann rættast í einum moduli, ið eitur Module:ConvertNumeric, tað hongur saman við Module:Convert og fleiri fyrimyndir nýta hesi modulini, eitt nú Fyrimynd:Convert. Hesi bæði modulini nýta eitt telduforrit, ið nevnist Lua. Tey kunnu gera arbeiði við fyrimyndum nógv lættari uppá ein máta, men samstundis eru tey sera tórfør at rætta og tilpassa til onnur mál, ið nýta onnur mát enn enskt og amerikanskt. Eg royndi fyrr í dag at rætta modulið, men afturstillaði rættingina, tí tað førdi til feilir í minsta lagi í einari fyrimynd. --EileenSanda (kjak) 16. mai 2016 kl. 22:27 (UTC)
Eg havi lutvíst loyst ein part av trupulleikanum við at gera rættingar í Module:Convert (fyrimynd:geobox sær tó ikki út til at vera stýrd av modulinum convert. Rættingarnir merkja tó, at nú mugu rættingar gerast á nokk so nógvum greinum - í infoboksunum, tí nú dugir infoboksin knappliga ikki at skilja, at 1.80 m er tað sama sum 1,80 metur, og tí kemur at standa, at fótbóltsleikarar og svimjarar og onnur eru 180 metrar høg í staðin fyri 1,80 metrar høg t.d. Kanska tú vilt hjálpa við til at rætta í hesum infoboksum, soleiðis at punktum verður rætta til komma. Talan er um greinar ið slóða til Fyrimynd:Convert, tær síggjast við at trýsta á "Hvat slóðar higar". Eg havi rættað nakrar av teimum. Rættingar skulu eisini gerast í greinum, ið nýta aðrar infoboksir, ið eru gjørdar útfrá ensku wp, t.d. Fyrimynd:Infobox UK place (hygg t.d. at Glasgow, ið nú vísir røttu tølini við punktum sum túsund-separator og komma har ið vit vanliga seta komma. Eg mátti tó gera onkrar broytingar, t.d. býta um uppá |/km2| og |/sqmi| soleiðis at /km2 kom at standa fremst. --EileenSanda (kjak) 17. mai 2016 kl. 05:29 (UTC)
Hey, eg havi nústani lisið hetta. Eg skal fara í holt við hetta í morgin, at broyta punktum til komma - tað hevur jú eisini verið skeivt, men er sjálvandi blivið verri, tá punktumið verður tikið burtur.
Hví verða "miles", "squaremiles" og líknandi ikki koyrd burtur úr skabelónunum? Tað er ongin orsøk at hava tílík miðaldarmát, sum ikki eru loyvd at brúka í Evropa, við í einari føroyskar wikipediu. Benadikt (kjak) 21. mai 2016 kl. 00:55 (UTC)

Samansett navnorð[rætta wikitekst]

Nøkur samansett navnorð eru hakkað sundur í tekstinum undir "dagsins mynd". Hvussu rættar man í tekstinum til myndirnar? Benadikt (kjak) 21. mai 2016 kl. 01:07 (UTC)

Now Wikidata[rætta wikitekst]

@Commonscat - I think it can be removed from articles. See [4] with explanation. OK? 21. mai 2016 kl. 19:28 (UTC)

Ok, yes I can see that, thanks. --EileenSanda (kjak) 21. mai 2016 kl. 19:36 (UTC)

@imdb, website - I think these can be removed too - if present in Wikidata. [5] Especially Website URLs can change, and in Wikidata more people check correctness. 23. mai 2016 kl. 10:38 (UTC)

Okay. --EileenSanda (kjak) 23. mai 2016 kl. 10:41 (UTC)

Fyrimynd:WPMILHIST Infoboks style[rætta wikitekst]

Hej Eileen. Fyrimynd:WPMILHIST Infoboks style og Fyrimynd:WPMILHIST Infobox style dækker nok det samme emne... Det kunne være du skulle tjekke om de kan sammenlægges. --Steenth (kjak) 21. mai 2016 kl. 14:00 (UTC)

Ja, det er gjort, jeg har slettet den med boks og beholdt den der staves på engelsk med box. Her er ikke så mange, eller faktisk slet ingen at diskutere med om skabeloner, så derfor har jeg valgt den nemmeste løsning, at kopiere skabeloner direkte fra engelsk Wikipedia og kun oversætte den tekst som ses i infoboksene mm. det er absolut det nemmeste. Jeg kan heller ikke finde ud af at oversætte parametrene. --EileenSanda (kjak) 21. mai 2016 kl. 17:21 (UTC)

Tech News: 2016-21[rætta wikitekst]

23. mai 2016 kl. 18:40 (UTC)

Master Eileen Sanda speaking to IP servant[rætta wikitekst]

"Hello IP-adress user, why did you remove the infobox person and replaced it with infobox/human in some articles like you did in this edit? I told you that you could add the new infobox in articles where we don't have any infobox. Please don't remove infoboxes from articles here! The new infobox which you created have less info than the Fyrimynd:Infobox person, so it is not an improvement to replace it. --EileenSanda (kjak) 28. mai 2016 kl. 17:08 (UTC)"

Sorry, master. I didn't respect you as the master of this Wiki.

You claim "The new infobox which you created have less info than the Fyrimynd:Infobox person" - maybe you mean "has"? Well, how did you measure this? How much info does Fyrimynd:Infobox person have and how much info does "The new infobox which you created" have? Please use an international standard unit of measurement.

Regarding your reference to "this edit", after adding the standard box it says

  • Starv Sjónleikari, tónleikari, sangari, sjónvarpsleikari

before it said

  • Starv Sjónleikari, songkvinna

No reference for "songkvinna" was provided. Now the data is at least coming from Wikidata where more people have an eye on the information.

Regarding "I told you that you could" - I wait for new commands.

Or optionally I may disobey and be loyal to the basic goals of Wikipedia: Create an encyclopedia. 28. mai 2016 kl. 17:29 (UTC)

Perhaps you know better Faroese than me? "Songkvinna" is the female form of "Singer". I am administrator of this Wikipedia, and the only active administrator at the moment and I have made more edits here than any other user. I can ask you to what ever I like, there is no need to patronize me. You don't bother to create a user, so what else can I call you than IP-address user? You sign your comments with a variety of ip-addresses. I have added the new infobox to more articles and added missing labels to Wikidata. I have also changed the infobox a bit. --EileenSanda (kjak) 29. mai 2016 kl. 11:36 (UTC)
Regarding the infobox in the article about Telma Hopkins the new infobox does not say "Years active", the other one did. It does not mention her spouse and son, the other one did. I added only two employments in the infobox person, because I copied it directly from the English Wikipedia and translated the two words: "Actress, singer" which in Faroese is "Sjónleikari, songkvinna". --EileenSanda (kjak) 29. mai 2016 kl. 11:54 (UTC)

Wikidata-modul[rætta wikitekst]

Hej. Jeg har fundet en løsning på 'og'-problem. Mediawiki:And skal der tilføjes et et blanktegn foran 'og'. Du kan se det med:

{{#invoke:Wikidata/sandbox/steenth|formatStatements|property=P106}}<br />

Prøv fx på Julia Roberts

{{coord wd}} har jeg kig på, da burde bruge Module:Coordinates og ikke det er ikke nødvendig at bruge {{Wikidata}} og Module:Wikidata - men på den anden side - Coord wd bliver ikke brugt. Den svenske udgave har ikke support for koordinater. Jeg helst bruge den svenske udgave. Der virker rankering som jeg forventer. Der forskellen kan ses på fx Allerød kommuna:


Dog virker dette ikke:


Hvorfor ved jeg ikke. Men det virker på dawiki:


Så er lidt, der skal kigges på. --Steenth (kjak) 30. mai 2016 kl. 12:00 (UTC)

Tech News: 2016-22[rætta wikitekst]

30. mai 2016 kl. 16:18 (UTC)

Just a picture in Maurizio Malvestiti[rætta wikitekst]

Dearest EileenSanda, how are you? Here is Spring, but it rains a lot!

Please, I ask you to translate the picture I put in this page, you'll spend 2 minutes only. Thanks a lot for your precious help!

Rei Momo (kjak) 1. jun 2016 kl. 11:05 (UTC)

Thank youuuu and have a nice day!!! Rei Momo (kjak) 1. jun 2016 kl. 13:17 (UTC)
You are welcome :) You too have a nice day. --EileenSanda (kjak) 1. jun 2016 kl. 13:20 (UTC)

Bashar Warda[rætta wikitekst]

Weel, my dearest EileenSanda, I opened this new page. Please, I ask you the translation of the 2 lines in Ensglish, and somthing to ask:

  • How we can say in Føroyskt Chaldean Catholic Church?
  • Do the new categories I put in red link are right traslated?

Thanks a lot for your precious help, do you already visited my web-site See you soon Rei Momo (kjak) 2. jun 2016 kl. 09:31 (UTC)

Thank youuuuuuu !!! Rei Momo (kjak) 2. jun 2016 kl. 10:41 (UTC)

Tech News: 2016-23[rætta wikitekst]

6. jun 2016 kl. 20:51 (UTC)

Classifications with Wikidata[rætta wikitekst]

Hi. With Molarus the work continue to be able to display classifications with Wikidata. You can see on FR Wiki at fr:Modèle:Cycling race/generalclassification and fr:Modèle:Cycling race/stageclassification a test of these two new functions. I need you vote very fastily for the creation of two properties, d:Wikidata:Property proposal/time gap and d:Wikidata:Property proposal/distinctive jersey. Once they will be created, they will be used to finished the code. After a little period to find bugs, we will be able to display classifications of races in more than twenty languages.

On another point, I need you verify on d:Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Kit to translate if you have all the translations in your language, and on d:Module:Cycling race around line 1890 if you have translations. On this page, you will also find the documentations for all the functions created since six months. Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick (kjak) 12. jun 2016 kl. 18:00 (UTC)

Hi, it sound very good, great job! I have voted. I will have a look on d:Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Kit to translate. --EileenSanda (kjak) 13. jun 2016 kl. 07:15 (UTC)

Tech News: 2016-24[rætta wikitekst]

13. jun 2016 kl. 18:41 (UTC)

Tech News: 2016-25[rætta wikitekst]

20. jun 2016 kl. 19:14 (UTC)

Tech News: 2016-26[rætta wikitekst]

27. jun 2016 kl. 15:42 (UTC)

Classifications with Wikidata[rætta wikitekst]

Hi EileenSanda. I need very precise translations at d:Wikidata:WikiProject Cycling/Kit to translate/Jerseys : one label, one description, one alias (that is a shortcut) and the legend of the jersey, for each item. If you have this page in your watchlist, you will see when I will create new jerseys, and can add translations. Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick (kjak) 2. jul 2016 kl. 16:57 (UTC)

Okay, I will do that, thanks. --EileenSanda (kjak) 2. jul 2016 kl. 18:55 (UTC)

Tech News: 2016-27[rætta wikitekst]

4. jul 2016 kl. 19:45 (UTC)

Tech News: 2016-28[rætta wikitekst]

11. jul 2016 kl. 15:14 (UTC)

[m:Special:MyLanguage/Tech/News/2016/29|Tech News: 2016-29]][rætta wikitekst]

18. jul 2016 kl. 12:01 (UTC)

Tech News: 2016-30[rætta wikitekst]

25. jul 2016 kl. 19:54 (UTC)

Request[rætta wikitekst]


Could you create the article en:Postage stamps and postal history of Azerbaijan in Faroese?

Thank you.

I have created a stub-article, Frímerkja- og postsøgan hjá Aserbadsjan. I have translated the first paragraph and added four other photos with translated text below it. --EileenSanda (kjak) 27. jul 2016 kl. 07:03 (UTC)