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Each manually entered "unit code" understood by {{val}} but interpreted by {{convert}} instead of {{val/units}} is shown. They do not show unit codes you can use that are automatically understood, like SI prefixes (e.g. aH for atto henries) nor do they show every possible combination of unit types that generate article links automatically, based purely on the dimension of the unit, for example entering "erg/s/cm3" will link to Power density even though it is not listed in that section below. (If you really want to separate links to each unit code in a ratio see {{Val}}.)

Absorbed radiation dose[rætta wikitekst]


Acceleration[rætta wikitekst]

|standard gravity=g0

Area[rætta wikitekst]

|1000sqft=1000 sq ft
|Cypriot donum=donum
|Cypriot dunam=dunam
|Cypriot dunum=dunum
|Cypriot dönüm=dönüm
|Iraqi donum=donum
|Iraqi dunam=dunam
|Iraqi dunum=dunum
|Iraqi dönüm=dönüm
|Irish acre=Irish acres
|old donum=donum
|old dunam=dunam
|old dunum=dunum
|old dönüm=dönüm
|sqfoot=sq ft
|sqft=sq ft
|sqin=sq in
|sqmi=sq mi
|sqnmi=sq nmi
|sqverst=square verst
|sqyd=sq yd
|Cypriot donum diaeresis=dönüm
|Cypriot donum dots=dönüm
|donum diaeresis=dönüm
|donum dots=dönüm
|foot2=sq ft
|ft2=sq ft
|Iraqi donum diaeresis=dönüm
|Iraqi donum dots=dönüm
|metric donum=donum
|metric donum diaeresis=dönüm
|metric donum dots=dönüm
|metric dunam=dunam
|metric dönüm=dönüm
|mi2=sq mi
|million acre=acres
|million acres=acres
|million hectares=ha
|nmi2=sq nmi
|old donum diaeresis=dönüm
|old donum dots=dönüm
|sq arp=arpent
|square verst=square verst
|verst2=square verst
|yd2=sq yd

Area per unit area[rætta wikitekst]

|sqft/acre=sq ft/acre

Cent[rætta wikitekst]


Charge[rætta wikitekst]


Chemical amount[rætta wikitekst]


CO2 per unit volume[rætta wikitekst]

|lbCO2/USgal=lbCO2/US gal

Concentration[rætta wikitekst]


Cost $ per unit area[rætta wikitekst]

|$/sqft=/sq ft

Cost $ per unit length[rætta wikitekst]


Cost $ per unit mass[rætta wikitekst]


Cost $ per unit volume[rætta wikitekst]


Cost £ per unit area[rætta wikitekst]


Density[rætta wikitekst]

|lb/cuft=lb/cu ft
|lb/cuin=lb/cu in
|lb/cuyd=lb/cu yd
|lb/impgal=lb/imp gal
|lb/in3=lb/cu in
|lb/U.S.gal=lb/U.S. gal
|lb/USbu=lb/US bu
|lb/USgal=lb/US gal
|lbm/cuin=lbm/cu in
|oz/cuin=oz/cu in
|lb/ft3=lb/cu ft
|lb/yd3=lb/cu yd
|lbm/in3=lbm/cu in
|oz/in3=oz/cu in

Energy[rætta wikitekst]

|cufootatm=cu ft atm
|cufootnaturalgas=cubic foot of natural gas
|cuftatm=cu ft atm
|cuftnaturalgas=cubic foot of natural gas
|cuydatm=cu yd atm
|gTNT=gram of TNT
|GtonTNT=gigaton of TNT
|GtTNT=gigatonne of TNT
|impgalatm=imp gal·atm
|kgTNT=kilogram of TNT
|ktTNT=kilotonne of TNT
|mtonTNT=milliton of TNT
|MtTNT=megatonne of TNT
|mtTNT=millitonne of TNT
|thm-EC=thm (EC)
|thm-UK=thm (UK)
|thm-US=thm (US)
|tonTNT=ton of TNT
|tTNT=tonne of TNT
|TtonTNT=teraton of TNT
|TtTNT=teratonne of TNT
|USgalatm=US gal·atm
|µtonTNT=microton of TNT
|µtTNT=microtonne of TNT
|U.S.galatm=U.S. gal·atm
|usgalatm=US gal·atm
|utonTNT=microton of TNT
|utTNT=microtonne of TNT
|μtonTNT=microton of TNT
|μtTNT=microtonne of TNT

Energy per chemical amount[rætta wikitekst]


Energy per unit length[rætta wikitekst]

|kWh/100 km=kW·h/100 km
|kWh/100 mi=kW-hrs/100 mi
|MJ/100 km=MJ/100 km

Energy per unit mass[rætta wikitekst]

|ktonTNT/MT=kiloton of TNT per metric ton
|ktTNT/t=kilotonne of TNT per tonne
|MtonTNT/MT=megaton of TNT per metric ton
|MtTNT/MT=megatonne of TNT per tonne

Energy per unit volume[rætta wikitekst]

|BTU/cuft=BTU/cu ft
|Cal/12USoz(mL)serve=Cal/12 US fl oz (355 mL) serving
|Cal/12USoz(ml)serve=Cal/12 US fl oz (355 ml) serving
|Cal/12USozserve=Cal/12 US fl oz serving
|Cal/USoz=Cal/US fl oz

Equivalent radiation dose[rætta wikitekst]


Exhaust emission[rætta wikitekst]


Flow[rætta wikitekst]

|cuft/a=cu ft/a
|cuft/d=cu ft/d
|cuft/h=cu ft/h
|cuft/min=cu ft/min
|cuft/s=cu ft/s
|cumi/a=cu mi/a
|cuyd/s=cu yd/s
|impgal/h=imp gal/h
|impgal/min=imp gal/min
|U.S.gal/d=US gal/d
|U.S.gal/h=U.S. gal/h
|U.S.gal/min=U.S. gal/min
|USgal/a=US gal/a
|USgal/d=US gal/d
|USgal/h=US gal/h
|USgal/min=US gal/min
|ft3/a=cu ft/a
|ft3/d=cu ft/d
|ft3/h=cu ft/h
|ft3/s=cu ft/s
|Gcuft/a=cu ft/a
|Gcuft/d=cu ft/d
|kcuft/a=cu ft/a
|kcuft/d=cu ft/d
|kcuft/s=cu ft/s
|Mcuft/a=cu ft/a
|Mcuft/d=cu ft/d
|Mcuft/s=cu ft/s
|Tcuft/a=cu ft/a
|Tcuft/d=cu ft/d
|u.s.gal/min=U.S. gal/min
|usgal/min=US gal/min

Force[rætta wikitekst]

|LTf=long ton-force
|STf=short ton-force

Fuel efficiency[rætta wikitekst]

|impgal/mi=imp gal/mi
|L/100 km=L/100 km
|l/100 km=l/100 km
|mi/impqt=mi/imp qt
|mi/U.S.qt=mi/U.S. qt
|mi/USqt=mi/US qt
|mi/usqt=mi/US qt
|U.S.gal/mi=U.S. gal/mi
|usgal/mi=US gal/mi
|L/100km=L/100 km
|l/100km=l/100 km
|USgal/mi=US gal/mi

Fracture gradient[rætta wikitekst]


Gradient[rætta wikitekst]


Length[rætta wikitekst]

|admi=nmi (admiralty)
|Brnmi=(Brit) nmi
|pre1954U.S.nmi=(pre-1954 U.S.) nmi
|pre1954USnmi=(pre-1954 US) nmi
|royal cubit=cu
|100km=100 km
|admiralty nmi=nmi

Linear density[rætta wikitekst]


Magnetic field strength[rætta wikitekst]


Magnetizing field[rætta wikitekst]


Mass[rætta wikitekst]

|DWton=deadweight ton
|DWtonne=deadweight tonne
|impgalh2o=imp gal H2O
|Lcwt=long hundredweight
|long cwt=long cwt
|long qtr=long qtr
|LT=long ton
|metric ton=metric ton
|Scwt=short hundredweight
|short cwt=short cwt
|short qtr=short qtr
|ST=short ton
|shtn=sh tn
|solar mass=M
|troy pound=troy pound
|usgalh2o=US gal H2O
|billion tonne=t
|lbt=troy pound
|lcwt=long hundredweight
|long ton=long ton
|million tonne=t
|scwt=short hundredweight
|short ton=short ton
|thousand tonne=t

Mass per unit power[rætta wikitekst]


Mass per unit time[rætta wikitekst]


Molar rate[rætta wikitekst]


Per unit area[rætta wikitekst]

|/sqmi=/sq mi
|PD/sqmi=/sq mi
|pd/sqmi=/sq mi

Per unit volume[rætta wikitekst]

|/USgal=/U.S. gal
|/usgal=/U.S. gal

Power[rætta wikitekst]


Power per unit mass[rætta wikitekst]


Pressure[rætta wikitekst]

|lb/1000sqft=lb/1000 sq ft
|lb/sqft=lb/sq ft
|lb/sqyd=lb/sq yd
|LT/acre=long ton/acre
|oz/sqft=oz/sq ft
|oz/sqyd=oz/sq yd
|ST/acre=short ton/acre

Radioactivity[rætta wikitekst]


Speed[rætta wikitekst]

|furlong per fortnight=furlong per fortnight
|si tsfc=g/(kN·s)

Temperature[rætta wikitekst]


Temperature change[rætta wikitekst]


Time[rætta wikitekst]

|dog year=dog yr
|long billion year=Ta
|milliard year=Ga
|million year=Ma
|short billion year=Ga
|short trillion year=Ta
|thousand million year=Ga
|dog yr=dog yr
|long byr=Ta

Torque[rætta wikitekst]


Volume[rætta wikitekst]

|-12USoz(mL)serve=12 US fl oz (355 mL) serving
|-12USoz(ml)serve=12 US fl oz (355 ml) serving
|-12USozserve=12 US fl oz serving
|acre foot=acre·ft
|acre ft=acre·ft
|AUtbsp=AU tbsp
|bdft=bd ft
|board feet=board foot
|board foot=board foot
|CID=cu in
|cufoot=cu ft
|cuft=cu ft
|cuin=cu in
|cumi=cu mi
|cuyd=cu yd
|foot3=cu ft
|gr water=gr H2O
|impbbl=imp bbl
|impbsh=imp bsh
|impbu=imp bu
|impgal=imp gal
|impoz=imp fl oz
|imppt=imp pt
|impqt=imp qt
|MUSgal=million US gal
|USbbl=US bbl
|USbeerbbl=US bbl
|USbsh=US bsh
|USbu=US bu
|USdrybbl=US dry bbl
|USdrygal=US dry gal
|USdrypt=US dry pt
|USdryqt=US dry qt
|USflgal=US fl gal
|USgal=US gal
|USkenning=US kenning
|USmin=US min
|USoz=US fl oz
|USpk=US pk
|USpt=US pt
|USqt=US qt
|USquart=US qt
|UStbsp=US tbsp
|*U.S.drygal=U.S. dry gal
|*U.S.gal=U.S. gal
|+USdrygal=US dry gal
|+usfloz=US fl oz
|+USgal=US gal
|+USoz=US fl oz
|@impgal=imp gal
|acre feet=acre·ft
|bushels=US bsh
|cid=cu in
|ft3=cu ft
|gal=US gal
|Gcuft=cu ft
|impfloz=imp fl oz
|Impgal=imp gal
|kcuft=cu ft
|Mcuft=cu ft
|Mft3=cu ft
|mi3=cu mi
|Pcuft=cu ft
|Tcuft=cu ft
|Tft3=cu ft
|U.S.bbl=U.S. bbl
|U.S.beerbbl=U.S. bbl
|U.S.bsh=U.S. bsh
|U.S.bu=U.S. bu
|U.S.drybbl=U.S. dry bbl
|U.S.drygal=U.S. dry gal
|U.S.drypt=U.S. dry pt
|U.S.dryqt=U.S. dry qt
|U.S.flgal=U.S. fl gal
|U.S.floz=U.S. fl oz
|U.S.gal=U.S. gal
|u.s.gal=U.S. gal
|U.S.kenning=U.S. kenning
|U.S.oz=U.S. fl oz
|U.S.pk=U.S. pk
|U.S.pt=U.S. pt
|U.S.qt=U.S. qt
|usbbl=US bbl
|usbeerbbl=US bbl
|usbsh=US bsh
|usbu=US bu
|usdrybbl=US dry bbl
|usdrygal=US dry gal
|usdrypt=US dry pt
|usdryqt=US dry qt
|USfloz=US fl oz
|usfloz=US fl oz
|usgal=US gal
|uskenning=US kenning
|usoz=US fl oz
|uspk=US pk
|uspt=US pt
|usqt=US qt
|yd3=cu yd

Volume per unit area[rætta wikitekst]

|cuft/sqmi=cu ft/sq mi
|U.S.gal/acre=U.S. gal/acre
|USbu/acre=US bushel per acre
|USgal/acre=US gal/acre

Volume per unit length[rætta wikitekst]

|cuyd/mi=cu yd/mi