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This template is for making references to version 2012.2 of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Further comments can be added after the template.

Here are links to the IUCN species search engine, user's guide and help video.


All parameters are required.

{{IUCN2012.2|assessors= |year= |id= |title= |downloaded= }}

Example of usage in taxobox

| status_ref=<ref name=IUCN>{{IUCN2012.2|assessors=Wiles, G.|year=2008|id=14144|title=Myotis ater|downloaded=2012-10-18}}</ref>

will be displayed as

1. ^ Wiles, G. (2008). "Myotis ater". IUCN Reyðlistin Listi yvir hótt sløg. Version 2012.2. International Union for Conservation of Nature. http://www.iucnredlist.org/details/14144. Heintað 2012-10-18. 

Usage notes

  • Most parameter values are obtainable from the block labeled "Citation:" at the bottom of the targeted IUCN Red List page. The citation shown will provide, from left to right, the |assessors=, |year= and |title= (the binomial species name) parameters.
  • Note that |year= is not necessarily 2012, but is instead the "year published", i.e., the most recent year in which the species has been assessed.
  • The |id= parameter can be obtained from the url of the target page at www.iucnredlist.org, where it is found between a pair of forward slashes ("/"); e.g., use |id=14144 from the url www.iucnredlist.org/details/14144/0.
  • An optional |ref= parameter is supported but seldom used. It allows specification of reference names in Harvard references, for use in the {{citation}} template family (not to be confused with the {{cite}} template family). For example, use of |ref={{harvid}} or |ref={{sfnref}} templates enables subsequent use of short-format templates like {{sfn}}.

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