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About this template[rætta wikitekst]

Template:Citation/identifier is a helper template to Wikipedia's citation system. This template ties in with other templates like Template:Citation/core. Specifically, it helps render how identifiers like ASIN, ISBN, and JSTOR are rendered in references, producing a consistent look throughout the encyclopedia.

Stand-alone templates[rætta wikitekst]

Most of the fields have stand-alone templates for other uses. ISBN, PMID and RFC are directly supported by the MediaWiki software.

Usage[rætta wikitekst]

Each identifier is invoked by use of |identifier= to define the type and one or more
Identifier |identifier= |input1= |input2= |input3= error check Stand-alone
arXiv arxiv value none {{Arxiv}}
ASIN asin value top-level domain; defaults to com; do not include leading dot; valid values: co.jp, co.uk, ca, cn, fr, de, it or es none {{ASIN}}
Bibcode bibcode value none {{Bibcode}}
doi doi value date the DOI is broken if
, then error category is suppressed
ensure doi begins with
if not an error shows and the page is placed in Category:Pages with DOI errors
ISBN isbn value none Magic link
ISSN issn value none {{ISSN}}
JFM jfm value none {{JFM}}
JSTOR jstor value none {{JSTOR}}
LCCN lccn value none {{LCCN}}
MR mr value none {{MathSciNet}}
OCLC oclc value none {{OCLC}}
OL ol value none {{OL}}
OSTI osti value none {{OSTI}}
PMC pmc value none {{PMC}}
PMID pmid value none Magic link or {{PMID}}
RFC rfc value none Magic link
SSRN ssrn value none {{SSRN}}
Zbl zbl value none {{Zbl}}

Notes[rætta wikitekst]

  • Changes should be synchronized between this template and the stand-alone templates.
  • {{cite journal}} uses PMC in the url parameter; this needs to be synchronized.