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Frá Wikipedia, hin frælsa alfrøðin

Documentation icon Skjalfesting til fyrimyndina[vís] [rætta] [søga] [dagfør]

Nýtsla[rætta wikitekst]

Use this template to embed stand-alone formulae in wikitext. The mathematical capabilities of this template are very limited; use tables with class="texhtml" for formulae requiring non-linear layout.

Dømi[rætta wikitekst]

  • {{bigmath|{{frac|&part;&sup2;<VAR >f</VAR >|&part;<VAR >r</VAR >&sup2;}} + {{frac|&part;<VAR >f</VAR >|<VAR >r</VAR > &part;<VAR >r</VAR >}} + {{frac|&part;&sup2;<VAR >f</VAR >|<VAR >r</VAR >&sup2;&part;&sup2;<VAR >&theta;</VAR >}} {{=}} 0}}


  • ∂²fr² + frr + ∂²fr²∂²θ = 0

Use prefix "1=" to allow simple equals-signs. Italicize letters by double-tic (''f''):

  • {{bigmath|1={{frac|&part;&sup2; ''f''|&part;''r''&sup2;}} + {{frac
    |&part;''f''|''r'' &part;''r''}} = 0}}


  • ∂² fr² + frr = 0

Note that any extra spaces placed in the template will appear in the output. A long line can be split before any vertical-bar pipe ('|').

Performance considerations[rætta wikitekst]

Template {{bigmath}} can process formulae (or equations) at rates over 220 per second. When template {{frac}} is also used, the rate drops to below 150 equations formatted per second.

Sí eisini[rætta wikitekst]