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This template is for quickly converting a decimal number to binary.

Usage[rætta wikitekst]

Use {{Binary|x|y}} where x is the decimal number and y is the decimal precision (positive numbers, defaults displays up to 10 digits following the binary point).


Code Result Notes
{{Binary|128892}} 111110111011111002 Regular integer
{{Binary|73.3333333|5}} 1001001.010102 Truncated decimal
{{Binary|73.3333333|0}} 10010012 Truncated at decimal point
{{Binary|73|5}} 1001001.000002 Decimals padded to integer
{{Binary|73.25}} 1001001.012 Auto truncation
{{Binary|73.25|4}} 1001001.01002 Decimals padded
{{Binary|{{#expr:1+3/8}}}} 1.0112 Expression support

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