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Flyting av Síðu[rætta wikitekst]

Hey tú, tað er gott at tú rættar feilir her á síðuni. Her er ein lítil hint til næstu ferð tú flytur eina síðu. Skriva so heldur eitt innlegg á mítt kjak um hvat tú vilt hava flutt, og so kan eg gera sjálva flytingina. Umboðsstjórar (bara eg fyribils) kunna flyta og strika síður. Quackor 28. sep 2004 kl. 08:59 (UTC)[reply]

Ísland[rætta wikitekst]

Sælir frændur. Why do you mark Ísland as being partially in North-America? (3. Land lutvíst í Norðuramerika) The continental plates do indeed split beneath Iceland but it's never been counted as belonging to North-America anywhere else as for example en:Iceland shows. If we were to start a new type of categorization where we put countries into continents based on the continental plates, a lot of things will change, India for one becoming it's own continent. --is:User:Stalfur 10. nov 2005 kl. 11:30 (UTC)[reply]

Hey Stalfur, I don't think it was I that marked Ísland as being partially in North-America (check the history), I am no geologist so i do not know if it would be right. If the English wikipedia says something that does not imply that it is right. I'll leave it to some other person to correct this. Leave a message on Mulder1982 discussion page if you still think it is wrong, it was him who put it in. Best regards uackor 10. nov 2005 kl. 14:01 (UTC)[reply]
Takk, I have moved the discussion to there. I asked here originally since you are the #1 man here ;) and seem to be active and have the authority to fix the template.
This does not have any foundation in any text book, the only thing one could use to back it up is the fact that the North American tectonic plate is under part of Iceland. Using that criteria, Russia must also be put into North America since the Kamchatka-region is on the same plate, India would have to get it's own continent, the Arabian peninsula too, several islands in the Caribbean would together form one continent et cetera et videre. --is:User:Stalfur
Oh, I just used the English version as a template, since it says (said?) the same thing. If this is truly an error, than I'm sorry, and you're free to remove it. I'm no expert on geography and won't even pretend to be one, so I'm bound to make mistakes, also such naïve ones, at this one, since, as Stalfur points out, Iceland does lie on two different continental plates. So, sorry for the mix-up. Mulder1982 12. feb 2006 kl. 05:55 (UTC)[reply]

Fløgur[rætta wikitekst]

Hello, Mulder1982!

I'm trying to keep some order on the category tree. (When we introduce categories, we may consider the existing ones first.) Now, you sometimes translate articles from the English wikipedia. This is very good; but IMO it is not always necessary to translate all the categories, too. There are many more articles at en:wikipedia than there are and in the foreseeable future will be at fo:wikipedia, and threrefore fo:wiki could do with less detailed categories, I think.

A couple of days ago you translated an article about a music album, Back to the Heavyweight Jam. You also translated its two categories. Do you plan to write a number of articles of albums right now? If so please revert the change I'm going to make... I'm replacing your two categorisations with just [[Bólkur:Fløgur]], and will put that category somewhere high up in the tree, probably directly at tónleikur.

Yours, Jörgen B 18. nov 2007 kl. 14:18 (UTC)[reply]

Svenska[rætta wikitekst]

Hey Mulder1982!

Í Wikipedium skrivast sv (ikki se) fyri "svenskt mál".

Med vänlig hälsning, Jörgen B 23. nov 2007 kl. 18:38 (UTC)[reply]

Questions about fo.WP[rætta wikitekst]

Hello, I do research about some Wikipedias and would like to ask you some questions about fo.WP. Could you contact me by e-mail? I am also at Meta, as Ziko-W. Greetings --Ziko 12. mai 2008 kl. 17:10 (UTC)[reply]

A little help: Ecser[rætta wikitekst]

Hi! I'm a Hungarian Wikipedia editor, my name is Norbert Kiss. I'm very proud of my village and I would like to read about it in a lot of langauges. I translated already it into 10 languages, but I can't speak Föroysk. Could you help me. My village's English page is this: Ecser. Could you translate the page of Ecser into Föroysk? Then just link the side into the English version and I will see it, or you could write me, when it is ready. My hungarian Wikipedia side is: My profile.

Thank you! Norbert

Translation of a short story[rætta wikitekst]

Hi my friend!

I would like to request something from you. Yes, translation. I hope, it's not a bad thing for you. Some years ago I wrote a (really) short story about a lonely man (actually symbolized the Saami nation). I translated into some languages and I thought, it would be great to have it more, like also in Faeroese. I made this page, the English translation is somewhere there. You can put the Faeroese translation there. Thank you again! Sorry for my disturb... -hu:User:Eino81

Support?:)[rætta wikitekst]

Hi! I want to become a bureaucrat here on the Faroese Wikipedia. And to become a bureaucrat, I will need support from several users at this page. I would really appreciate if you would support me there. I'm the most active user at this Wikipedia. Click here to see a list of my contributions;) Niceley 1. nov. 2009 kl. 15:48 (UTC)