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Faroese words for adding, removing and modifying[rætta wikitekst]

Hello, I notice that the bots on this wikipedia are operating with English comments. If someone could provide me with Faroese translations for adding, removing and modifying I could pass on the translations to someone who has the powers to modify the pywikipedia library which 99% of the interwiki robots use. Best regards, --Harald Khan Ճ 6. okt 2008 kl. 13:35 (UTC)

I belive the correct translations would be:
  • Adding = Leggja til
  • Removing = Striking
  • Modifying = Modifisering
Niceley 12. okt 2008, kl. 13:51 (UTC)
I would prefere these translations:
  • Adding: leggur aftrat
  • Removing: strikar
  • Modifying: broytur
  • robot: bottur
uackor 21. okt 2008 kl. 09:16 (UTC)

Thanks! I have submitted the translations as a patch, and hope to see them used by the interwiki bots shortly. --Harald Khan Ճ 24. okt 2008 kl. 17:26 (UTC)

Done in SVN. --Benutzer:Head