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Nýtsla[rætta wikitekst]

Implements Fyrimynd:Chart; Full documentation on chart syntax exists at Fyrimynd:Chart/doc

This module uses the mw.html library to create rows of table cells whose borders draw lines to show relationships between elements. When an unnamed parameter matches a key in Module:TreeChart/data, the module will create a block with stylings as defined in the table. Each key in the table has a subtable with 0, 1, or 2 keys of its own: t for the "top" row and b for the "bottom row". Any unnamed parameter whose value does not exist in the table will be used to create elements on the chart, and additional named parameters for that value will be looked for.

Errors[rætta wikitekst]

With the migration to Lua, the following errors were removed:

  • "Template:Chart/cellb" - caused by any instance of |}} being used instead of | }}.
  • "Template:Chart/celltTemplate:Chart/cellb" - caused by any instance of || being used instead of | |, or |}} being used instead of | }}.
  • "Template:Chart/celly tTemplate:Chart/celly b" - caused by any instance of |y | being used instead of |y|.

require('Module:No globals')

local p = {}

local cells = mw.loadData('Module:TreeChart/data')

function p._main(cell_args)
	local ret = mw.html.create()
	local top = ret:tag('tr')
						:css{ height = '1px',
								['text-align'] = 'center' }
	local bottom = ret:tag('tr')
						:css{ height = '1px',
								['text-align'] = 'center' }
	for _, v in ipairs(cell_args) do
		if type(v) == 'string' then
				:attr{ colspan = v.colspan or cell_args.colspan or 6,
						rowspan = v.rowspan or cell_args.rowspan or 2 }
				:css{ padding = '0.2em',
						border = (v.border or cell_args.border or '2') .. 'px solid black' }
				:cssText(v.boxstyle or cell_args.boxstyle)
	return tostring(ret)

function p.main(frame)
	local args = require('Module:Arguments').getArgs(frame, {wrappers = 'Template:Chart', trim = false, removeBlanks = false})
	local cell_args = {
		colspan = args.colspan,
		rowspan = args.rowspan,
		border = args.border,
		boxstyle = args.boxstyle
	for _, val in ipairs(args) do
		local trimmedVal = val:match('^%s*(.-)%s*$')
		if trimmedVal == '' then
			trimmedVal = '$'
		if cells[trimmedVal] then
			table.insert(cell_args, trimmedVal)
			-- Unnamed params behave weirdly
			-- white space at the front counts for param_{{{1}}}, but not whitespace at the end, so remove it
			local rightTrimmedVal = val:gsub('%s+$','')
			table.insert(cell_args, {
				text = args[trimmedVal] or ('{{{'..trimmedVal..'}}}'),
				colspan = args['colspan_'..rightTrimmedVal],
				rowspan = args['rowspan_'..rightTrimmedVal],
				border = args['border_'..rightTrimmedVal],
				boxstyle = args['boxstyle_'..rightTrimmedVal]
	return p._main(cell_args)

return p