Module:Subject bar

Frá Wikipedia, hin frælsa alfrøðin

This module implements the {{Subject bar}} template. Please don't use this module from an article or from another wiki page. You should use the {{Subject bar}} template instead. To use the module from another Lua module, read on.

Use from another Lua module[rætta wikitekst]

Load the module like this:

local subjectBar = require('Module:Subject bar')._main

Then you can use the subjectBar function like this:

local myBar = subjectBar{
    book = 'Book 1',
    book2 = 'Book 2',
    -- ...
    portal = 'Portal 1',
    portal2 = 'Portal 2',
    -- ...
    commons = true,
    commons-search = 'Commons search string',
    wikt = true,
    wikt-search = 'Wiktionary search string'
    -- ...

Please see Template:Subject bar/doc for a full list of possible parameters.

local getPortalImage = require('Module:Portal').image

local p = {}

local function getArgNums(prefix, args)
    -- Returns a table containing the numbers of the arguments that exist for the specified prefix. For example, if the
    -- prefix was 'data', and 'data1', 'data2', and 'data5' exist, it would return {1, 2, 5}.
    local nums = {}
    for k, v in pairs(args) do
        local num = tostring(k):match('^' .. prefix .. '([1-9]%d*)$')
        if num then table.insert(nums, tonumber(num)) end
    return nums

local function makeHorizontalRule()
    local row = mw.html.create('tr')
            :attr('colspan', '2')
            :tag('hr', {selfClosing = true})
    return tostring(row)

local function makeItem(image, text)
    local root = mw.html.create('table')
        :css('float', 'left')
        :css('padding', '0px 5px')
                :css('width', '125px')
                :css('text-align', 'left')
    return tostring(root)

local function makeRow(items, heading, subheading, options)
    if #items < 1 then return end
    local swapHeadingSize = type(options) == 'table' and options.swapHeadingSize or false
    local row = mw.html.create('tr')
            :css('width', '175px')
                :css('font-size', swapHeadingSize and '85%' or '125%')
            :tag('br', {selfClosing = true})
                :css('font-size', swapHeadingSize and '125%' or '85%')
    local cell = row:tag('td')
    for i, item in ipairs(items) do
        local image = item[1]
        local text = item[2]
            :wikitext(makeItem(image, text))
    return tostring(row)

local function makeNumberedRow(prefix, args, heading, subheading, getItemValsFunc, options)
    if args[prefix] then
        args[prefix .. '1'] = args[prefix]
    local argNums = getArgNums(prefix, args)
    local items = {}
    for i, argNum in ipairs(argNums) do
        local image, text = getItemValsFunc(args[prefix .. tostring(argNum)])
        table.insert(items, {image, text})
    return makeRow(items, heading, subheading, options)

function p._main(args)
    local rows = {}

    -- Get the book row text.
    local bookHeading = "'''[[Wikipedia:Books|Books]]'''"
    local bookSubheading = 'View or order collections of articles'
    local function getBookItemVals(book)
        local image = '[[File:Office-book.svg|30px|link=]]'
        local text = mw.ustring.format("'''''[[Book:%s|%s]]'''''", book, book)
        return image, text
    local bookRow = makeNumberedRow('book', args, bookHeading, bookSubheading, getBookItemVals)
    table.insert(rows, bookRow)

    -- Get the portal row text
    local portalHeading = "'''[[Portal:Contents/Portals|Portals]]'''"
    local portalSubheading = 'Access related topics'
    local function getPortalItemVals(portal)
        local image = mw.ustring.format('[[File:%s|30x30px]]', getPortalImage{portal})
        local text = mw.ustring.format("'''''[[Portal:%s|%s portal]]'''''", portal, portal)
        return image, text
    local portalRow = makeNumberedRow('portal', args, portalHeading, portalSubheading, getPortalItemVals)
    table.insert(rows, portalRow)

    -- Get the sister projects row text.
    local sisters = {
        {arg = 'commons', image = 'Commons-logo.svg', prefix = 'commons', display = 'Media', from = 'Commons'},
        {arg = 'species', image = 'Wikispecies-logo.svg', prefix = 'wikispecies', display = 'Species directories', from = 'Wikispecies'},
        {arg = 'voy', image = 'Wikivoyage-Logo-v3-icon.svg', prefix = 'voy', display = 'Travel guides', from = 'Wikivoyage'},
        {arg = 'n', image = 'Wikinews-logo.svg', prefix = 'wikinews', display = 'News stories', from = 'Wikinews'},
        {arg = 'wikt', image = 'Wiktionary-logo.svg', prefix = 'wiktionary', postfix = 'English', display = 'Definitions', from = 'Wiktionary'},
        {arg = 'b', image = 'Wikibooks-logo.svg', prefix = 'wikibooks', display = 'Textbooks', from = 'Wikibooks'},
        {arg = 'q', image = 'Wikiquote-logo.svg', prefix = 'wikiquote', display = 'Quotations', from = 'Wikiquote'},
        {arg = 's', image = 'Wikisource-logo.svg', prefix = 'wikisource', display = 'Source texts', from = 'Wikisource'},
        {arg = 'v', image = 'Wikiversity-logo.svg', prefix = 'wikiversity', display = 'Learning resources', from = 'Wikiversity'},
        {arg = 'spoken', image = 'Sound-icon.svg', prefix = 'spoken wikipedia', display = 'Listen to this page', from = 'Spoken Wikipedia'},
    local sisterItems = {}
    for i, t in ipairs(sisters) do
        if args[t.arg] then
            -- Get the image value.
            local image = mw.ustring.format('[[File:%s|30x30px|link=]]', t.image)
            -- Get the text value.
            local prefix = t.prefix
            local search = args[t.arg .. '-search'] or mw.title.getCurrentTitle().text
            local postfix = t.postfix
            postfix = postfix and ('#' .. postfix) or ''
            local display = t.display
            local from = t.from
            local text = mw.ustring.format(
                '[[%s:Special:Search/%s%s|%s]]<br />from %s',
                prefix,    search,    postfix, display, from
            if t.arg == 'spoken' then
            	 text = mw.ustring.format('%s on %s<br />[[File:%s]]',
                				display, from, args[t.arg] 
            -- Add the values to the items table.
            table.insert(sisterItems, {image, text})
    local sisterHeading = "Find out more on Wikipedia's"
    local sisterSubheading = "'''[[Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects|Sister projects]]'''"
    local sisterRow = makeRow(sisterItems, sisterHeading, sisterSubheading, {swapHeadingSize = true})
    table.insert(rows, sisterRow)

    -- Make the table.
    local root = mw.html.create('table')
        :css('background-color', '#f9f9f9')
        :css('border', '1px solid #aaa')
        :css('clear', 'both')
        :css('margin-bottom', '0.5em')
        :css('margin-top', '0.5em')
        :wikitext(table.concat(rows, makeHorizontalRule()))

    return tostring(root)

function p.main(frame)
    -- If called via #invoke, use the args passed into the invoking template, or the args passed to #invoke if any exist. Otherwise
    -- assume args are being passed directly in from the debug console or from another Lua module.
    local origArgs
    if frame == mw.getCurrentFrame() then
        origArgs = frame:getParent().args
        for k, v in pairs(frame.args) do
            origArgs = frame.args
        origArgs = frame
    -- Remove blank arguments.
    local args = {}
    for k, v in pairs(origArgs) do
        if v ~= '' then
            args[k] = v
    return p._main(args)

return p