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Hetta er kunningarsíðan viðvíkjandi Module:LACMTA

This template displays colored "dot icons" for the current (and future) lines of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Metro Rail system.

The text link will be included if the optional parameter |showtext=yes is added.

Usage[rætta wikitekst]

Input Icon Links to Text
{{LACMTA icon|Orange}} Orange Line  Orange Line (Los Angeles Metro) Orange Line
{{LACMTA icon|Red}} Red Line  Red Line (Los Angeles Metro) Red Line
{{LACMTA icon|Purple}} Purple Line  Purple Line (Los Angeles Metro) Purple Line
{{LACMTA icon|Blue}} Blue Line  Blue Line (Los Angeles Metro) Blue Line
{{LACMTA icon|Expo}} Expo Line  Expo Line (Los Angeles Metro) Expo Line
{{LACMTA icon|Green}} Green Line  Green Line (Los Angeles Metro) Green Line
{{LACMTA icon|Gold}} Gold Line  Gold Line (Los Angeles Metro) Gold Line
{{LACMTA icon|Crenshaw}} Crenshaw/LAX Line  Crenshaw/LAX Line Crenshaw Line
{{LACMTA icon|Harbor Transitway}}       Harbor Transitway Harbor Transitway
{{LACMTA icon|Regional}}       Regional Connector Transit Corridor Regional Connector
{{LACMTA icon|El Monte Busway}}       El Monte Busway El Monte Busway
{{LACMTA icon|Silver}} Silver Line  Silver Line (Los Angeles Metro) Silver Line

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