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when I understand your list right, the new boundaries between the Faroe municipalities will look like this?

Well, but why do they put Mikladalur with Klaksvík together but not Húsar? And why Gjógv with Sunda kommuna but not Funningur? Arne List 26. okt 2004 kl. 19:03 (UTC)Reply[reply]

No, you've got it right. The reason, Mikladalur merged with Klaksvík, and Gjógv with Sunda and not Funningur, is simple: Politics and democracy. In 2001 the municipalities of Hósvík, Hvalvík, Saksun, Haldórsvík, Sunda and Gjógv negotiated a unification deal and they united after a referendum in 2002, I believe it was. After the communal elections in 2004, they finally merged on 1 January 2005. Eiði and Funningur decided not to join this union. The story is the same with Mikladalur. There was a referendum in its two villages (Mikladalur and Trøllanes) and the result was in favour of merging with Klaksvík. Also, on 1 January 2005, Skála kommuna, Oyndarfjarðar kommuna and Elduvíkar kommuna decided to join Runavíkar kommuna. All after referendums. Furthermore, the municipalities of Bøur and Mykines join Sørvágur.

This should all be seen in a political will, which wants the number of municipalities (which is currently 34) to be only 7. There are 7 regions charted: Suðuroy, Sandoy, Suðurstreymoy, Vágar, Sundalagið, Eysturoy, Norðuroyggjar. Due to their location Gjógv and Funningur could choose if they wanted to join Sundalagið or Eysturoy. Gjógv chose Sundalagið, and Funningur'll undoubtedly choose Eysturoy. Historically though, Gjógv and Funningur were one municipality until 1948: Funnings sóknar kommuna. It's said, that Gjógv was settled by men of Funningur, whose land was there where Gjógv is now.

Hope this cleared things up a bit. Mulder1982 11. mar 2006 kl. 03:16 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Søguligar kommunur[rætta wikitekst]

Skuldu allar søguligu kommunurnar ikki verið á hesum listanum? Eg veit nú bara um Funnings sóknar kommunu, men eisini fyrr í tíðini var Eysturoyggin ein kommuna, ið spakuliga fór sundur. So, skulu ikki allar koma á listan? Mulder1982 11. mar 2006 kl. 03:16 (UTC)Reply[reply]