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Template:Years or months ago displays the number of years (or months if less than 1 year) between a specified year/month date and the current year/month. It will also work correctly when only the year is given. Optionally, a second year/month date can be specified to be used instead of the current year/month.

This was designed as a supporting template for Template:Start date and age, to be used when the specified date does not include the day of the month. The formatting of the output was designed to be similar to Template:Time ago.

Usage[rætta wikitekst]

For years or months before or after current date:

  • {{Months ago|year|month}}
  • {{Months ago|year}}

For years or months between two dates:

  • {{Months ago|year1|month1|year2|month2}}

Examples[rætta wikitekst]

The following examples use mai 2024 as the current month and year. If that is not correct, click the Purge link at the top of this documentation (or here) to update the page.

Year and month[rætta wikitekst]

Template Output
{{Years or months ago|2022|5}} 2 ár síðan
{{Years or months ago|2023|5}} 1 ár síðan
{{Years or months ago|2024|3}} 2 mánaðir síðan
{{Years or months ago|2024|4}} 1 mánaður síðan
{{Years or months ago|2024|5}} 0 mánaðir síðan
{{Years or months ago|2024|6}} 1 mánaða tíð
{{Years or months ago|2024|7}} 2 mánaðar tíð
{{Years or months ago|2025|5}} 1 árs tíð
{{Years or months ago|2026|5}} 2 ára tíð

Year only (no month)[rætta wikitekst]

Template Output
{{Years or months ago|2022}} 2 ár síðan
{{Years or months ago|2023}} 1 ár síðan
{{Years or months ago|2024}} 0 ár síðan
{{Years or months ago|2025}} 1 árs tíð
{{Years or months ago|2026}} 2 ára tíð

See also[rætta wikitekst]

  • Template:Tíð síðan – displays elapsed time (with same singular or plural text as this template)
  • Template:Age – displays elapsed time in years (number only, future dates generate negative number)