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Fyrimynd:Use dmy dates

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Usage[rætta wikitekst]

Place this template near the top of articles that use the dd mmm yyyy date format; see Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lead section for more information about the order of elements near the beginning of the article.

Wikipedia articles that use dd mmm yyyy dates, either because of the first main contributor rule or close national ties (see MOSNUM), are being systematically tagged with {{Use dmy dates}}. The template facilitates article maintenance by enabling bots to recognise use of this format and by adding the article to the hidden category Use dmy dates. The template is invisible except in edit mode.

Use of this template is part of a continuing effort to monitor the date formats used in articles, to assist in maintaining consistent formatting within an article. It is not a temporary "cleanup" template. Therefore, do not remove the template without valid reason, such as a determination the article uses or should use a different date format.

After being tagged, and bearing in mind article evolution, periodic script or bot runs clean up formats, correcting any new introductions since its last visit, and updating the visit date on the {{Use dmy dates}} template.

The dmy and mdy templates have almost always been used to indicate date styles in the body of the articles; although it may also indicate the flavour of dates in reference sections or parts thereof. Therefore, this template notice ought to be read in conjunction with the blurb at Wikipedia:Date formattings. MOSNUM script documentation may also be relevant to those interested.

In general, the date format used for publication dates within references should match that used within the article body. However, it is common practice for archive and access dates to use the alternative ymd format. This usage is valid and is specifically mentioned at MOSDATE. In those cases, the archive and access date formats should not be altered when fixing dates.

Syntax[rætta wikitekst]

{{Use dmy dates|date=juli 2024}}

TemplateData[rætta wikitekst]

Hetta er TemplateData dokumentatiónin fyri hesa fyrimynd, ið verður brúkt av VisualEditor og øðrum tólum.

Use dmy dates

This template should be placed near the top of articles that use the dd mmm yyyy date format.

Template parameters[Edit template data]


The month and year that the article was last checked for inconsistent date formatting. Example: 'June 2013'; may use '{{subst:DATE}}' template instead


Wrongly tagged?[rætta wikitekst]

If, for example, you determine that an article has a template that is inappropriate for its nationality, you should substitute the appropriate template to avoid scripts or bots reapplying the "wrong" format in the course of maintenance.

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