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This is the {{Transclusion}} message box. It is meant to be put at the top of templates used for lightweight transclusion in Wikipedia's main namespace. For more information, see Wikipedia:Transclusion.

Usage[rætta wikitekst]

The template consists consists of two parameters:

  • article – Used to indicated the article or articles to which the template is transcluded.
{{Transclusion|Article 1|...|Article 15}}
  • One to fifteen articles can be listed.
  • The word "and" is always placed between the final two entries.
  • You can use parameters label 1 to label 15 to specify alternative labels for the links.

  • label – If needed, this parameter can be used to directly indicate a particular section within an article.
{{Transclusion|Article 1#Section 1|l1=Label 1}}
  • Note that the parameter name is a lower case 'L' followed by the number '1', not the number eleven.

Examples[rætta wikitekst]

As used in Template:2012 Summer Olympics calendar:

Simple use:
{{Transclusion|Summar-OL 2016}}

Use of more than one article:
{{Transclusion|Summar-OL 2012|Chronological summary of the 2012 Summer Olympics}}

Use of specific section:
{{Transclusion|2012 Summer Olympics#Calendar|l1=2012 Summer Olympics calendar}}

Sí eisini[rætta wikitekst]

  • {{Transcluded}} – For transclusions providing source.