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"tlbare" "template link, bare"

A template in the same vein as the category-linking template {{c}}, producing a "bare" link – i.e. without "Template:" prefix, braces, etc – to the template named by the first parameter. If a second parameter is supplied, it is used in place of the first as the link's text.

Syntax[rætta wikitekst]


Examples[rætta wikitekst]

{{tlbare|Example}} produces: Example
{{tlbare|Example|the "Example" template}} produces: the "Example" template

Resizing[rætta wikitekst]


If the first parameter ends in a percent sign ("%"), it will be treated as a font-size setting for the template's output. For example:

{{tlbare|Example}} produces: Example
{{tlbare|90%|Example}} produces: Example
{{tlbare|90|Example}} produces: Example

See also[rætta wikitekst]

  • {{c}}, the same kind of template for a category.
  • {{tl}} and {{tnf}}, similar templates that include, respectively, braces as well as a link; and braces without a link.
  • Bólkur:Internal template-link templates for more templates providing template links within Wikipedia.