Fyrimynd:Template sandbox heading

Frá Wikipedia, hin frælsa alfrøðin
Henda síðan eigur IKKI at verða brúkt til endamál at gera royndir á Wikipedia.
This page acts only as a transclusion for Wikipedia:Sandbox. If you wish to experiment, please do so at Wikipedia:Sandbox, not here.
This page should only be edited if the Sandbox Header needs modification.
Welcome to Fyrimynd:Template sandbox heading, a Wikipedia template sandbox. This page allows you to carry out experiments related to template editing. To edit, click the edit tab above, make your changes and click the Save page button when finished. Content will not stay permanently; the template sandboxes are automatically cleaned every hour.

Please do not place copyrighted, offensive, illegal or libelous content in the sandboxes. For assistance with template coding, try the technical forum at the Village Pump.

There are several other template sandboxes you can use to carry out experiments:

You can also conduct tests using the Wikipedia Sandbox. For instance, to transclude this template there, edit it so that it includes: {{Template sandbox heading}}

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