Fyrimynd:Taxobox colour

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Animalia rgb(235,235,210)
Archaeplastida rgb(180,250,180)
Fungi rgb(145,250,250)
Chromalveolata rgb(200,250,80)
Choanozoa rgb(238,235,195)
Rhizaria rgb(240,230,240)
Excavata rgb(250,250,100)
Amoebozoa rgb(170,250,205)
Bacteria rgb(220,235,245)
Archaea rgb(195,245,250)
Viruses rgb(250,250,190)
incertae sedis rgb(250,240,230)
Colours not produced by this template:
Ichnotaxa rgb(215,240,210)
Ootaxa rgb(250,250,220)

Funktión[rætta wikitekst]

This template generates the appropriate colour for a taxobox, as advised at WP:TX.

It should be supplied with the kingdom (regnum), appropriately wikilinked; in the case of regnum-less viruses, the virus group may be supplied instead.

Viðlíkahald[rætta wikitekst]

Edits to the taxonomic terms used in this template must be reflected by Template:Is reg().