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Soccerway profilur á Soccerway

Documentation icon Skjalfesting til fyrimyndina[vís] [rætta] [søga] [dagfør]

Used for linking to profiles:

Use as {{Soccerway|theodore-whitmore/79653}} for pages where pagename=footballer's name and theodore-whitmore/79653 is found in the URL for unique pagenames.

Or as {{soccerway|matthew-cooper/253988|Matthew Cooper}} for pages with a (footballer) or any other dab.

Accessdate parameter |accessdate=, for when template is used as a reference rather than as an external link. Indicates the date when the Soccerway profile was last accessed. {{soccerway|matthew-cooper/253988|accessdate=29 november 2021}} produces

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