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This template can be used to call the color of Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) lines.

In order to call a line's color, the code #{{SMRT color|line}} is used (where line is replaced by the actual route name or abbreviation). Note that this template is not case sensitive: i.e. {{SMRT color|CC}} produces the same result as {{SMRT color|cc}}.

{{SMRT color|Circle}} ella …|CC}} ella …|CE}} Sample:   ff9a00
{{SMRT color|Cross Island}} ella …|CR}} Sample:  
{{SMRT color|Downtown}} ella …|DT}} Sample:   0354a6
{{SMRT color|East West}} ella …|EW}} ella …|CG}} Sample:   009530
{{SMRT color|Jurong Region}} ella …|JR }} Sample:  
{{SMRT color|North East}} ella …|NE}} Sample:   9016b2
{{SMRT color|North South}} ella …|NS}} Sample:   dc241f
{{SMRT color|Thomson-East Coast}} ella …|TE}} Sample:   734538