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Documentation icon Skjalfesting til fyrimyndina[vís] [rætta] [søga] [dagfør]

Sub-template for use with the {{RoutemapRoute}} template, but may be used directly.

  • Parameter is case-insensitive
  • Missing/unrecognised parameter displays no icon
  • Optional parameter 2 wikilinks the icon
  • Optional parameter 3 changes the icon size:
    • either enter the icon size explicitly, e.g. 8px;
    • or enter “s” (= small) for 7px.
    • Default icon size is 10px
  • Template can be abbreviated as {{rmri}}
WikiSyntax Valid
{{RoutemapRouteIcon|up}} u, up
{{RoutemapRouteIcon|down}} d, dn, down
{{RoutemapRouteIcon|left}} l, left
{{RoutemapRouteIcon|right}} r, right
{{RoutemapRouteIcon|ur}} ur, ne, c1
{{RoutemapRouteIcon|lr}} lr, se, c2
{{RoutemapRouteIcon|ll}} ll, sw, c3
{{RoutemapRouteIcon|ul}} ul, nw, c4
WikiSyntax Result
{{rmri|d|Template:Proposed extention}}