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A template created for use within transport route-maps using the 'BS' templates.

Fields[rætta wikitekst]

Parameters[rætta wikitekst]

  • 1: first text item
  • 2: second text item
    • A dash will be shown between the two text items, provided that both are non-blank; if either or both are blank, the dash is omitted
  • enclosed: when |enclosed=no, brackets are suppressed, otherwise they are shown
  • Licon: icon to show before the text
  • Ricon: icon to show after the text
  • Icon parameters are position- and case-insensitive. Valid values, and the icons displayed, are as follows (further information at Template:RoutemapRouteIcon/doc):
u, up d, dn, down l, left r, right
ur, ne, c1 lr, se, c2 ll, sw, c3 ul, nw, c4

Notes[rætta wikitekst]

  • All parameters are optional.
  • Parameter values are case-insensitive
  • Parameter order is not important, but where two 'text items' are specified, the first will always be displayed on the left.
  • If the brackets are unneeded, consider using {{rmri}} (or a pair of them) instead of this template.
RoutemapRoute template – Example usage
WikiSyntax Display
  {{RoutemapRoute|Licon=Left|[[Minehead]]|[[Taunton]]|Ricon=Right}}     ( Minehead – Taunton )  
{{RoutemapRoute|[[Taunton]]|[[Minehead]]|Licon=U|Ricon=D}} ( Taunton – Minehead )
{{RoutemapRoute|Licon=L|[[Minehead]]||}} ( Minehead )
{{RoutemapRoute|[[Taunton]]|[[Minehead]]}} Taunton – Minehead )
{{RoutemapRoute|Licon=R|Ricon=L||}} (  )
Add enclosed=no to suppress brackets:
{{RoutemapRoute|[[Taunton]]|Ricon=R|||enclosed=no}}  Taunton 
[[Taunton]] {{rmri|R}} Taunton