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This template is similar to {{Colorbox}} and {{Color box}}, but provides for both wikilinks and text color and omits the contrasting border.

Usage[rætta wikitekst]

{{RouteBox|text|link|box color|text color|bold=}}

  • RouteBox
can be abbreviated to {{rbox|…}}
  • text
text (bold) to be displayed in the box
  • link
any valid wikilink; [[ and ]] are not required
  • box color
background color of the box; default is black; can be omitted if text color is not specified
  • text color 
optional; default is white
  • bold=
optional; default is yes

Examples[rætta wikitekst]

{{RouteBox|Line|Line}} Line 

{{rbox|Circle line|Circle line (London Underground)|#{{LUL color|Circle}}|#{{LUL color|Piccadilly}}}} Circle line 

{{RouteBox|Text||bold=no}} Text 

Variants[rætta wikitekst]