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This template is a tailored shortcut to {{resize}}.

Tailored shortcuts[rætta wikitekst]

Named alternatives
{{small|…}} = {{resize|85%|…}}
{{smaller|…}} = {{resize|90%|…}}
= {{resize|110%|…}}
{{big|…}} = {{resize|120%|…}}
{{large|…}} = {{resize|large|…}}

See also[rætta wikitekst]

  • {{huge}} for diacritic marks only; similar to {{big}} but considerably larger and also compensates for vertical alignment.
  • {{color}} to add a span of text with a given foreground color.
  • {{background color}} or {{background}} to add a span of text with a given background color.

TemplateData[rætta wikitekst]

Hetta er TemplateData dokumentatiónin fyri hesa fyrimynd, ið verður brúkt av VisualEditor og øðrum tólum.


Template to aid switching the font-size used for a text string. Two forms {{resize|<size>|<text>}} and {{resize|<text>}} are possible.

Template parameters[Edit template data]


Specifies a css font size e.g. '80%', '1.2em', 'x-large', 'larger'. In the one parameter version the first parameter is the text and the font size is '90%'.

Text when size is given2

The text to display in the two parameter version.