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This is a very flexible page link template, which allows you to specify which links are shown beside the pagename. It can be used as a meta-template to support other page link templates, or it can be used alone.


Standalone usage
{{page-multi|code 1|code 2|code 3|...|page=pagename}}


  • 1, 2, 3, ... n: these parameters specify what links to display in the template. See the code table below for valid input codes.
  • page: the pagename. An error is returned if this is omitted.
  • separator: the separator to use in between links. Valid values are dot· ), comma(, ), pipe( | ), and tpt-languages(⧼tpt-languages-separator⧽). If not specified, then dot is the default.
  • small: if this parameter exists, fonts will be displayed at 90% of the normal size.
  • sup: if this parameter exists, links will be displayed in superscript.
  • doc: this parameter is only available on template pages, using the /template sub-template. If set to yes, it will automatically generate documentation for that template.
  • demo: if this parameter is set to yes, the template will not output any categories.


Here is a list of currently supported link codes:


Code Output
{{page-multi|page=Example|t|wlh}} Example (talk · links)
{{page-multi|page=Example|wlh|vlm-sgs}} Example (links · stats)


In certain circumstances, the template will generate errors. This is a list of all the error messages that the template might generate, and how users can resolve them.

Not a valid link code

This error is generated if an invalid link code is specified. For a list of valid link codes, see the code list above.

No link type specified

This error is only generated when using Module:PageLinks directly to create a single link. The link code must be in the first positional parameter, like this: {{#invoke:PageLinks|single|<!-- link code -->|<!-- other parameters -->}}.

Function did not return a string value

  • Page-multi error: the function for code "xyz" did not return a string value.

This is an error in the software generating the links, and requires attention from the developers. Please start a new thread at Template talk:Page-multi.

Tracking categories

The template uses the following tracking categories:

Error category

Adding new links

To add a new link, you need to edit the Lua module that this template is based on, Module:PageLinks. Instructions are in the source code, if you feel capable programming in Lua. If you're not familiar with Lua, feel free to make a request on Template talk:Page-multi, and someone might add the link for you.

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