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Frá Wikipedia, hin frælsa alfrøðin
Public domain
Hendan myndin er almenn ogn (tað sum á enskum eitur public domain). Tað vil siga at antin hevur eigarin av upphavsrættinum givið frá sær sín upphavsrætt, at upphavsrætturin er farin úr gildi, ella at tað ikki kan krevjast upphavsrættur fyri myndina.

If the description is good and the file is usable and source etc. is valid you can copy the file to Commons via CommonsHelper

If you want to copy old versions to Commons you can click this link.
Please change to {{PD-self}} if the uploader is the photographer/creator and {{PD-Faroe stamps}} if the file is from http://www.stamps.fo/.