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Usage[rætta wikitekst]

This template converses a numerical character reference into a named character reference. It converts a number to the named character reference for HTML, also often called a "character entity". The input number can be decimal or hexadecimal.

  • {{Numcr2namecr|A0}} -->  
  • {{Numcr2namecr|160|base=dec}} -->  

By default the numeric base is presumed to be hexadecimal. When the base is decimal, it needs to be specified using "base=dec"

When the number has no related named character, an blank is presented. This message can be overruled:

  • {{Numcr2namecr|61}} -->
  • {{Numcr2namecr|61|notfoundmsg=Not named}} --> Not named

Parameters[rætta wikitekst]

  • First parameter, 1= Unnamed, required. Numerical value in hex or decimal. Hexadecimal can have the prefix "0x". Input like   (expected output  ) can not be processed.
  • base= Required when base=decimal, default base=hex. When the input number (parameter 1) is decimal, the base= must be defined through: "base=dec", "base=d", "base=10".
For clarity in code, the hex base may be defined as well: "base=hex", "base=h", "base=16". The base is also hexadecimal when the prefix "0x" is used with the number.
  • notfoundmsg= Optional message, default= (blank). Will be returned when the value does not have a named reference.
  • {{numcr2namecr|61}} -->
  • {{numcr2namecr|61|notfoundmsg=Cannot find the name}} --> Cannot find the name

Technical notes[rætta wikitekst]

The template uses the subtemplate {{numcr2namecr/listbydec}}, which contains a list of all 252 character references. Hexadecimal-decimal calculations are performed by {{hex2dec}} and {{hexadecimal}}.

See also[rætta wikitekst]