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Hetta er dokumentatiónssíðan fyri Fyrimynd:Notice.

Henda síðan er ikki neyðturviliga hugsað at skula vísast beinleiðis. Um hon nýtir variablar, so kunnu nøkur leinki sýnast sum brotin. Tú mást ikki útskifta variablarnir við beinleiðis tittlar ella URL.

(Henda síða er avritað frá ensku Wikipediu, hon er ikki týdd enn, tað er fyrimyndin ið hevur týdning, ikki frágreiðingin her).

This is the {{Notice}} message box. It should be used sparingly and only for significant information for which a more specific template doesn't exist.

This box automatically changes its style depending on what kind of page it appears; see {{Mbox}} for details.

Articles[rætta wikitekst]

{{Notice |Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.}} produces:

The box can be titled with an optional |heading= (or |header=) and |style=text-align:center; can be added to center the text below it.

{{Notice |heading=Heading |style=text-align:center; |[[Lorem ipsum|Lorem ipsum (etc)]]}} produces:

The message box can also take an |image= parameter, but this is discouraged in articles. For an example of its use, see below.

Talk pages[rætta wikitekst]

On talk pages, {{Notice |Lorem ipsum (etc)}} produces:

|heading/|header also works, as well as setting the talkpage-only parameter |small=yes, which alters the template's appearance thus:

{{Notice |small=yes |header=Header |style=text-align:center; |Lorem ipsum (etc)}} produces ......

Setting the |image= parameter changes the image shown on the lefthand side of the template.

{{Notice |image=Stop hand nuvola.svg |heading=Heading |Lorem ipsum (etc)}} produces:

(Note the effect of omitting |style=text-align:center; here)

File and category pages[rætta wikitekst]

{{Notice |Lorem ipsum (etc)}} on a File: page would produce...

... and, on a Category: page, would produce:

Other pages[rætta wikitekst]

On other pages, such as those in the User:, Wikipedia: and Help: namespaces, {{Notice |Lorem ipsum (etc)}} would produce:

External links and equals signs[rætta wikitekst]

In most cases, external links can be used in the template without any complications. If a link – or any text – contains one or more equals signs (" = "), however, everything before the first sign will be interpreted as the name of a parameter. To prevent this, name the text carrying the link as the first numbered parameter:

{{Notice |1=Any text/links including "=" should now be interpreted correctly.}} produces:

Adding an image, shortcuts, etc on the righthand side[rætta wikitekst]

To add shortcuts, images, other templates, etc to the righthand side of the template, use |imageright=. For example, {{Notice |imageright=[[File:Wiki letter w.svg|40px]] |Lorem ipsum (etc)}} produces:

{{Notice |imageright={{Shortcuts|You|Me}} |Lorem ipsum (etc)}} includes the {{Shortcut}}s template providing links to You and Me:

Alternate shortcut option[rætta wikitekst]

As an alternative to imageright, the |shortcut= (or |shortcut1=) and |shortcutN= parameters (where N = 2 to 5) may be used to display shortcuts. For instance, {{Notice |shortcut1=Me |shortcut2=You |shortcut3=Them |shortcut4=Us |shortcut5=Everyone |Lorem ipsum (etc)}} produces:

Note: If both imageright and any of the shorcut parameters are used, the contents of imageright will override the shortcut/s. For example, {{Notice |imageright=[[File:Wiki letter w.svg|40px]] |shortcut1=Me |shortcut2=You |shortcut3=Them |shortcut4=Us |shortcut5=Everyone |Lorem ipsum (etc)}} produces: