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This is an auxiliary template to standardize colors used in New York City Subway articles and templates. On blank or invalid input, the template defaults to black.

Usage[rætta wikitekst]

In order to call a line's color, the code #{{NYCS color|color}} is used (where color is replaced by the actual color name, line letter or name). Note that this template is not case sensitive: i.e. {{NYCS color|RED}} produces the same result as {{NYCS color|red}}.

Argument Color Associated trunk line Alternate inputs
{{NYCS color|yellow}} Sample:   fccc0a Broadway (BMT) N / Q / R / BMT Broadway
{{NYCS color|red}} Sample:   ee352e Broadway – Seventh Avenue 1 / 2 / 3 / IRT Broadway / Seventh
{{NYCS color|gray}} Sample:   a7a9ac Canarsie L / Canarsie
{{NYCS color|lightgreen}} Sample:   6cbe45 Crosstown G / Crosstown
{{NYCS color|blue}} Sample:   0039a6 Eighth Avenue A / C / E / Eighth
{{NYCS color|purple}} Sample:   b933ad Flushing 7 / 7d / Flushing
{{NYCS color|green}} Sample:   00933c Lexington Avenue 4 / 5 / 6 / 6d / Lexington
{{NYCS color|brown}} Sample:   996633 Nassau Street J / Z / Nassau
{{NYCS color|darkgray}} Sample:   808183 Shuttles H / S / 0 / 42nd / Franklin / Rockaway / Shuttle
{{NYCS color|orange}} Sample:   ff6319 Sixth Avenue B / D / F / M / Sixth
{{NYCS color|turquoise}} Sample:   00add0 Second Avenue T / Second / JFK
{{NYCS color|default}} Sample:   000000 none