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[[{{{station}}} tube station|{{{station}}}]]

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Creates a wikilink for a LUL station.

In most cases the link will be to "xxx tube station" or "xxx station", and in a few cases to "xxx railway station". A number of station groups are available.

Blank template:

{{LUL stations |station= |line= }}

The template can be abbreviated as {{luls}}, in which case the explicit parameter name |station= is omitted.

Parameters[rætta wikitekst]


  • station - the station name as specified on London Underground line diagrams.
    The following station groups and redirects are recognised:

Central Line Central Line

  • Ealing Broadway or West Ruislip
  • Epping, Hainault or Woodford
  • Hainault, Ealing Broadway or West Ruislip
  • Hainault or Woodford
  • Rayners Lane or Uxbridge
  • Wood Lane Central

Circle line (London Underground) Circle Line

  • Edgware Road via Victoria
  • Hammersmith via King's Cross St. Pancras
  • Inner Circle

District Line District Line

  • Castle Hill
  • Ealing Broadway or Kensington (Olympia)
  • Hammersmith via Tower Hill
  • Hayes
  • Hounslow Town or Hounslow West
  • Kensington (Olympia) or Kensington Olympia
  • Richmond or Ealing Broadway
  • Upminster or Edgware Road
  • Upminster or High Street Kensington
  • Wimbledon, Richmond, Ealing Broadway or South Harrow
  • Wimbledon, Richmond or Ealing Broadway
  • Wimbledon or Hammersmith
  • Windsor

East London line East London Line

  • Deptford Road
  • New Cross or New Cross Gate
  • Surrey Docks

Jubilee Line Jubilee Line

  • Stratford or Charing Cross

Metropolitan Line Metropolitan Line

  • Amersham, Chesham or Watford
  • Amersham or Chalfont & Latimer
  • Amersham or Chesham
  • Baker Street or Aldgate
  • Edgware Road via Aldgate
  • Uxbridge, Amersham, Chesham or Watford
  • Watford or Uxbridge

Northern Line Northern Line

  • Alexandra Palace
  • Bushey Heath, High Barnet or Alexandra Palace
  • Bushey Heath or Alexandra Palace
  • Edgware, Mill Hill East or High Barnet
  • Edgware, Mill Hill East or High Barnet via Bank
  • Edgware, Mill Hill East or High Barnet via Charing Cross
  • Kennington or Morden via Charing Cross
  • Kennington1 (for Kennington or Morden)
  • Mill Hill East, High Barnet or Bushey Heath
  • Mill Hill East or High Barnet
  • Morden or Kennington
  • Morden via Bank

Piccadilly Line Piccadilly Line

  • Heathrow
  • South Harrow or Uxbridge
  • Uxbridge or Heathrow
  • Uxbridge or Hounslow West


  • line - the London Underground line (omitting the word "line" itself). Optional, provided that the station name is unique.
    Mainly used where there are two similarly-named stations on different lines. There are five such cases:
    • Edgware Road: Circle, District and Hammersmith & City (default) or Bakerloo
    • Hammersmith: Hammersmith & City and Circle (default) or Piccadilly and District
    • Shepherd's Bush: Central or Hammersmith & City and Circle
    • Swiss Cottage: Jubilee or Metropolitan
    • Wood Lane: Circle, District and Hammersmith & City (default) or Central or Metropolitan.
  • link - if equal to "true", will include the word "station" in the link to the article.

Sections[rætta wikitekst]

The use of # after the name of the station will, if required, link to the "London Underground" section of an article. Currently this applies to the London Terminals and a few other stations:

  • Balham
  • Blackfriars
  • Cannon Street
  • Harrow-on-the-Hill
  • Kensington (Olympia) or Kensington Olympia
  • Liverpool Street
  • London Bridge
  • Marylebone
  • Paddington
  • Vauxhall
  • Victoria.

Example usage[rætta wikitekst]

Text Is equivalent to
{{LUL stations|station=Baker Street}}
{{luls|Baker Street}}
[[Baker Street tube station|Baker Street]]
{{LUL stations|station=Baker Street or Aldgate}}
{{luls|Baker Street or Aldgate}}
[[Baker Street tube station|Baker Street]] or [[Aldgate tube station|Aldgate]]
{{LUL stations|station=Edgware Road |line=Circle}}
{{luls|Edgware Road |line=Circle}}
[[Edgware Road tube station (Circle, District and Hammersmith & City lines)|Edgware Road]]
{{LUL stations|station=Hammersmith |line=District}}
{{luls|Hammersmith |line=District}}
[[Hammersmith tube station (Piccadilly and District lines)|Hammersmith]]
{{LUL stations|station=Hammersmith |line=Hammersmith & City}}
{{luls|Hammersmith |line=Hammersmith & City}}
[[Hammersmith tube station (Hammersmith & City and Circle lines)|Hammersmith]]
{{LUL stations|station=Heathrow}}
[[London Heathrow Airport|Heathrow]]<br />([[Heathrow Terminal 4 tube station|Terminal 4]] or [[Heathrow Terminal 5 station|Terminal 5]])
{{LUL stations|station=Paddington}}
[[London Paddington station|Paddington]]
{{LUL stations|station=Wimbledon}}
[[Wimbledon station|Wimbledon]]
{{LUL stations|station=Woodside Park|link=true}}
{{luls|Woodside Park|link=true}}
[[Woodside Park tube station|Woodside Park station]]

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