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Introduction[rætta wikitekst]

This template enables you to create a coloured bar to indicate an interchange/transfer with Transport for London services. By entering one of the line or service names listed below, it will generate a colour-coded inline block appropriate for that TfL line/service, along with an icon to signify the service, all automatically wikilinked to the appropriate article. For example:

Pasting {{LUL line label|District}} into an article creates this: Tube roundel District.

Colours are transcluded from template:LUL colour which defines the colour references for the various TfL services and lines.

Use[rætta wikitekst]

It is suitable for use in tables which list stops and features on a railway/tube line or other tabular lists. Due to its size and thickness, it is not suitable for use in railway line diagrams - instead, use Template:Rail-interchange, e.g:

{{rail-interchange|london|district}} which creates District Line

Parameters[rætta wikitekst]

Underground[rætta wikitekst]

Name Result
{{LUL line label|Bakerloo}} Tube roundel Bakerloo
{{LUL line label|Central}} Tube roundel Central
{{LUL line label|Circle}} Tube roundel Circle
{{LUL line label|District}} Tube roundel District
{{LUL line label|East London}} Tube roundel East London
{{LUL line label|Hammersmith & City}} Tube roundel Hammersmith & City
{{LUL line label|Jubilee}} Tube roundel Jubilee
{{LUL line label|Metropolitan}} Tube roundel Metropolitan
{{LUL line label|Northern}} Tube roundel Northern
{{LUL line label|Piccadilly}} Tube roundel Piccadilly
{{LUL line label|Victoria}} Tube roundel Victoria
{{LUL line label| Waterloo & City}} Tube roundel Waterloo & City

Overground[rætta wikitekst]

Name Result
{{LUL line label|London Overground}} Tube roundel London Overground
{{LUL line label|East London}} Tube roundel East London
{{LUL line label|North London}} Tube roundel North London
{{LUL line label|South London}} Tube roundel South London
{{LUL line label|West London}} Tube roundel West London
{{LUL line label|Watford DC}} Tube roundel Watford DC

Other[rætta wikitekst]

Name Result
{{LUL line label|Tramlink}} Tube roundelTram Tramlink
{{LUL line label|Docklands Light Railway}} Brúkari:Cnbrb/sandbox/template:LU line label
{{LUL line label|Chelsea-Hackney}} Brúkari:Cnbrb/sandbox/template:LU line label
{{LUL line label|Emirates Air Line}}
OR {{LUL line label|Emirates}}
OR {{LUL line label|EAL}}
Brúkari:Cnbrb/sandbox/template:LU line label
{{LUL line label|River}} Brúkari:Cnbrb/sandbox/template:LU line label
{{LUL line label|National Rail}} Brúkari:Cnbrb/sandbox/template:LU line label