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Fyrimynd:Infobox route diagram

Frá Wikipedia, hin frælsa alfrøðin
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This template is deprecated, use {{BS-map}} instead.

Adding the following lines when using the BS-map template allows better transclusion of the route map into the info box.

This template is specially built for fitting route map based on the Wikipedia:route diagram template set into the infobox map parameter or anything like that, primarily for {{Infobox rail line}}. Direct transclusion of the route diagram without the help of this template might cause the rows of map to "break apart" and look bad in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. (Icons that comprising the diagram are not cohesively joining row by row.) This problem doesn't exist in IE8, Firefox or Safari.

When preparing the separate route map template which will apply this template, do not include any Wiki table opening, closing syntaxes or BS-table template because this template has already transcluded the {{BS-table3}} and the table ending |}. (Alternatively you can ring them with <noinclude> tags for better presentation in the template page of the map.) Just start your map template with BS(#) row templates but do not forget the required table ending |} for collapsible section within the map.

Parameters[rætta wikitekst]

  • 1: name of route map template to be transcluded by this template
  • map: inline route map template to be inserted, this parameter has higher priority than parameter 1
  • legend: switching the types of map legend to be linked. See {{BS-table}} for instruction. Entry route ({{Railway line legend}}) by default.
  • navbar: add the {{Navbar}} for the route map template below the diagram within the infobox map section, if parameter 1 is available
  • 0 or no (default): no Navbar at all
  • 1 or yes: displaying the Navbar in this format:
This route map:
  • mini: displaying the Navbar in the minimum form:

Example: transcluding {{Fairmount Line}} into {{Infobox rail line}}[rætta wikitekst]

Infobox route diagram

The Wikisyntax below will render at right:

{{Infobox rail line
|box_width = 320px
|map = {{Infobox rdt|Fairmount Line|legend=no}}
|map_state = show

When infobox RDT is unnecessary or ineffective[rætta wikitekst]

  • The rows of map will partially break apart if the text in that BS(#) row template is too long thus forcing a soft return. This can be solved by moving some of the text to the next BS(#) row template. Increase the width or set by auto of the infobox if the text is only slightly lengthy that causes the breaking. Editor should check the infobox template if such parameter is available. For example, box_width of {{Infobox rail line}} and {{Infobox rail service}}. If the soft return is still there to cause the break, and the width of the infobox is clearly wide enough, use the parameter tw in 1 of the BS(#) row template to increase the text column width until it's long enough to avoid the soft return.
  • There are at least 3 possbilities that applying this template will mess up the whole article layout:
  1. Incorrect or non-existing route template name. (This might happen when solely transwiking the syntax of the main article to another Wiki project without the route map template alongside)
  2. Bad syntax within the route template. Usually lacking the table closing syntax for BS startCollapsible section.
  3. The map parameter of the infobox, such as {{infobox rail}} (protected), restricts the input to 1 single image link only. At this rate, editor should consider changing infobox or give up the idea to transclude route map template into the infobox. You can just use the standalone route map format and place it following the infobox.