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Basic usage[rætta wikitekst]

This template is meant to work for referendums with polar questions as well as non-polar questions. This template can handle up to four subjects.

Please note the following:

  • All numbers must be specified as plain numbers, without additional comments or references, or else the template will display improperly. The template uses the magic word {{formatnum}} to insert commas for display.
  • All percentages are calculated by the template, as well as the number of valid votes, invalid and blank votes, and voter turnout. Therefore, it is not necessary to find or have this data.
  • The template figures out by itself whether the majority of voters approved or rejected the referendum based on the data it is fed. Therefore, it is not necessary to specify this. Furthermore, this cannot be overridden. The order the yes and no parameters are listed in does not affect which is displayed first.
{{Infobox referendum
| name        = 
| title       = 
| image = 
| image_width = 
| image_alt = 
| caption = 
| location    = 
| date        = <!-- {{Start date|YYYY|MM|DD}} -->
| yes         = 
| no          = 
| other = 
| othertype = e.g. Informal votes, or Blank Votes
| total       = 
| electorate  = 
| voter_registration = if nothing is entered or term is omitted, the term "registered voters" is used. if "no" is entered, "registered voters" is replaced by "eligible to vote"
| map         = 
| mapdivision = 
| notes       = 
| voting_system = 
| width = 
| barwidth = 
| status = 
| part1_subject = 
| part1_choice1 = 
| part1_percentage1 = 
| part1_color1 = 
| part1_choice2 = 
| part1_percentage2 = 
| part1_color2 = 
| part1_choice3 = 
| part1_percentage3 = 
| part1_color3 = 
| part1_choice4 =
| part1_percentage4 = 
| part1_color4 = 
| part1_choice5 =
| part1_percentage5 = 
| part1_color5 = 
| part1_caption = 
| part2_subject = 
| part2_choice1 = 
| part2_percentage1 = 
| part2_color1 = 
| part2_choice2 = 
| part2_percentage2 = 
| part2_color2 = 
| part2_choice3 = 
| part2_percentage3 = 
| part2_color3 = 
| part2_choice4 =
| part2_percentage4 = 
| part2_color4 = 
| part2_choice5 =
| part2_percentage5 = 
| part2_color5 = 
| part2_caption = 
| website = 

Dømi[rætta wikitekst]

Below are examples of single-choice polar questions, as well as a non-polar example with multiple options.

Before an election[rætta wikitekst]

Measure 56
Amends Constitution: Provides That May And November Property Tax Elections Are Decided By Majority Of Voters Voting
Dagur 4 november 2018 (2018-11-04) (um -1991 dagar)
Úrslit eftir county

Use the model code below before an election for a referendum is held. Oregon Ballot Measure 56 (2008) is used as an example to the right.

{{Infobox referendum
| name        = Measure 56
| title       = Amends Constitution: Provides That May And November Property Tax Elections Are Decided By Majority Of Voters Voting
| location    = 
| date        = {{Start date|2018|11|04|df=y}} (um {{days from now|2018|11|04}})
| yes         = 
| no          = 
| total       = 
| electorate  = 
| map         = Oregon election results-ELECTION NOT YET.svg
| mapdivision = 
| notes       = 

Keep in mind that, though the parameters yes, no, total, electorate, and mapdivision are blank, they should not be deleted. This makes it inconvenient to add data later.

During the election[rætta wikitekst]

Once election day arrives, the image can be changed to File:Oregon election results-PENDING.svg. After the polls have closed and start announcing returns, start putting the data into the template, updating as often as reasonable. Use the notes parameter to cite the source of the election-night returns.

After an election[rætta wikitekst]

Measure 56
Amends Constitution: Provides That May And November Property Tax Elections Are Decided By Majority Of Voters Voting
Atkvøður %
Ja 959.118 56,60%
Nei 735.500 43,40%
Gyldugar atkvøður 1.694.618 91,84%
Ógyldugar ella blankar atkvøður 150.633 8,16%
Atkvøður tilsamans 1.845.251 100.00%
Skrásettir veljarar/valluttøka 2.153.914 85,67%
Úrslit eftir county
Source: Oregon Secretary of State

The following code produces the table to the right:

{{Infobox referendum
| name = Measure 56
| title = Amends Constitution: Provides That May And November Property Tax Elections Are Decided By Majority Of Voters Voting
| yes = 959118
| no = 735500
| total = 1845251
| electorate = 2153914
| map = File:Oregon 2008 Measure 56.svg
| mapdivision =
| notes = Source: [[Oregon Secretary of State]]

The parameters yes, no, total, and electorate take only values without commas. The template automatically formats the numbers when displayed by inserting commas.

Multichoice referendums[rætta wikitekst]

Fyrimynd:Infobox multichoice referendum

{{Infobox multichoice referendum
| name = Crimean referendum, 2014
| location = [[Crimea]], [[Ukraine]]
| date = {{Start date and years ago|2014|03|16|df=y}}  
| image = Crimea location map.svg
| caption = The peninsula of Crimea and its local administrative subdivisions
| status = ongoing
| choice1 = Join the Russian Federation
| percentage1 = 90
| choice2 = Restore the 1992 Constitution and its status within Ukraine
| percentage2 = 10
| choice3 = Blank votes
| percentage3 = 0
| choice4 = Invalid
| percentage4 = 0
| website = [http://referendum2014.ru referendum2014.ru]

Parameters[rætta wikitekst]

The name of the referendum, such as Measure 56 or Proposition 1A.
The official ballot title.
The administrative division (or country for a nationwide vote) where the referendum was held.
When the referendum was held.
The number of votes approving the referendum.
The number of votes rejecting the referendum.
The total number of votes cast in the election.
(This includes all counted votes as well as invalid or blank votes.)
The number of people eligible to vote in the election (in some countries this means the number of people registered to vote).
(This includes people who did not cast a vote on the referendum.)
voter registration
Whether voter registration determines the number of eligible voters. If no, the term "registered voters" will not be used for the parameter "electorate", but "eligible to vote" is used instead.
The map of election results.
The name of the political subdivisions shown in the map, such as county, parish, or canton.
(If no value is given, the default is county. Give any value to override this.)
Any notes, such as the source of the data.

Additional parameters[rætta wikitekst]

Aligns the infobox flush left if given the value left.
(Defaults to right if no value is given or the parameter is omitted.)
The total number of valid votes which were not yes or no (e.g., informal votes)
Label to use for the "other votes" statistics, where those are part of the valid votes (e.g., Informal votes or Blank votes). If "Blank votes" is used here, the text "Invalid or blank votes" is also changed to "Invalid votes"
The total number of invalid votes. This may be used as an alternative to total, in which case the total number of votes is computed as the sum of yes, no, and invalid. If both invalid and total are specified, the total parameter will be used for computing the total number of votes.
To suppress the inclusion of invalid votes, specify invalid, but leave the value blank
A citation for the total number of votes
The percentage of the electorate who voted in the referendum. Note that this is automatically computed from the value of electorate and the total number of votes, if electorate is specified.
Use this parameter to override the default legend caption used for the map.
Set this parameter to yes for a detailed map legend, instead of the default simple yes/no legend. This parameter has no effect if mapcaption is used.
The colour to use for yes in the default simple map legend. This parameter has no effect if mapcaption or detailed_legend are used.
The colour to use for no in the default simple map legend. This parameter has no effect if mapcaption or detailed_legend are used.

Region-specific information[rætta wikitekst]

United States[rætta wikitekst]

California[rætta wikitekst]

The California Secretary of State's website prominently displays results for the latest election. Results are also available as far back as June 1990 on another page at the website. Before 2000, results are listed in a single document, both the statement of vote (which is brief) and the supplement to the statement of vote (which is highly detailed). Starting in 2000, results are organized into a table of contents.

Oregon[rætta wikitekst]

The Oregon Secretary of State's website maintains an online record of detailed election results going back to 1995-12-05. Results by county for each ballot measure since then are included. Statistics on voter registration (fitting the electorate parameter) and participation/turnout (the total parameter) is available alongside the official results for each election.

Basic data (i.e., without results by county) on all ballot measures in Oregon history can also be found in the online edition of the Oregon Blue Book. Voter registration information going back to 1950 is also provided.

The following images can be used in place of an election results map when none can be made:

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