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Fyrimynd:Infobox public transit

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Documentation icon Skjalfesting til fyrimyndina[vís] [rætta] [søga] [dagfør]
Lokalt navn {{{native_name}}}
Eigari {{{owner}}}
Økið fevnt av tænastu {{{area served}}}
Staður {{{locale}}}
Slag av flutningi {{{transit_type}}}
Tal av leiðum {{{lines}}}
Line number {{{line_number}}}
Tal av støðum {{{stations}}}
Daily ridership {{{daily_ridership}}}
or: {{{ridership}}}
Annual ridership {{{annual_ridership}}}
Forstjóri {{{chief_executive}}}
Høvuðsskrivstova {{{headquarters}}}
Heimasíða {{{website}}}
Byrjaði rakstur {{{began_operation}}}
Raksturin byrjar {{{operation_will_start}}}
Støðgaði rakstri {{{ended_operation}}}
Operator(s) {{{operator}}}
Reporting marks {{{marks}}}
Host railroads {{{host}}}
Character {{{character}}}
Tal av akførum {{{vehicles}}}
Tok-longd {{{train_length}}}
Headway {{{headway}}}
Longd av skipan {{{system_length}}}
Tal av sporum {{{notrack}}}
Sporbreidd {{{track_gauge}}}
Gomul sporbreidd {{{ogauge}}}
Minimum radius of curvature {{{minimum_radius_of_curvature}}}
Ravmagnan {{{el}}}
Miðalferð {{{average_speed}}}
Hægsta ferð {{{top_speed}}}


This infobox is mainly for rail transit systems. For a specific line within a rail system, or for a rail system with only one line, {{Infobox rail line}} may be a better choice. For transit bus-only systems, please consider using {{Infobox bus transit}}.

Usage[rætta wikitekst]

{{Infobox public transit
| box_width                   = 
| name                        = 
| image                       = 
| alt                         = 
| imagesize                   = 
| caption                     = 
| image2                      = 
| alt2                        = 
| imagesize2                  = 
| caption2                    = 
| image3                      = 
| alt3                        = 
| imagesize3                  = 
| caption3                    = 
| native_name                 = <!-- use {{lang}} -->
| owner                       = 
| area served                 = 
| locale                      = 
| transit_type                = 
| lines                       = 
| line_number                 = 
| stations                    = 
| daily_ridership             = 
| annual_ridership            = 
| chief_executive             = 
| headquarters                = 
| website                     = 
| began_operation             = 
| operation_will_start        = 
| ended_operation             =
| operator                    =
| marks                       =
| host                        =
| character                   = 
| vehicles                    =
| train_length                = 
| headway                     = 
| system_length               = <!-- {{convert|0|mi|km|abbr=on}} -->
| notrack                     =
| track_gauge                 = <!-- {{Track gauge|sg|allk=on}} -->
| ogauge                      = <!-- {{Track gauge|sg|allk=on}} -->
| minimum_radius_of_curvature = <!-- {{convert|0|ft|0|in|mm|0}} -->
| el                          =
| average_speed               = <!-- {{convert|0|mph|km/h|abbr=on}} -->
| top_speed                   = <!-- {{convert|0|mph|km/h|abbr=on}} -->
| map                         =
| map_name                    =
| map_state                   = <!-- show or collapsed -->

Parameters[rætta wikitekst]

Parameter Required Description
box_width No Width of infobox, default:22em; Note: use auto for automatic width
name No Name of transit system; default: PAGENAME
image No Filename of image for the header (typically a logo, but photo can be used if no logo is available)
alt No Description of image for those who cannot see it (see alt text).
imagesize No Size of image defined above; default:200px
caption No Caption for the first image
image2 No Filename of second image for the header (allows for use of a picture if the logo was used for the first image parameter)
alt2 No Description of image for those who cannot see it.
imagesize2 No Size of second image defined above; default:200px
caption2 No Caption for the first image or both
image3 No Filename of third image for the header
alt3 No Description of third for those who cannot see it.
imagesize3 No Size of third image defined above; default:200px
caption3 No Caption for the third image (or all three)
native_name No Name of the system in its native language (the place's official languages(s))
owner No Owner of transit system (if different than operator; if publicly owned, list that and its stock ticker)
area served No
locale Yes City or region transit system is located
transit_type Yes Type of transit system. Types may include (one or more):

or other types of transit. (This also include Bicycle sharing systems which also use this template)

lines No Number of lines/routes
line_number No Line number(s) or route number(s)
stations No Number of stations/stops

For bicycle share system: This is the number of stations, not the number of bicycle docks.

or: ridership
No Daily system ridership
annual_ridership No Annual system ridership
chief_executive No Chief executive of the operator
headquarters No Location of the operator's headquarters (address and city)
website No Website http address
began_operation No Date system operations began
operation_will_start No Date system operations will start in the future
ended_operation No Date system operations ended
operator(s) No Operator of transit system (typically a subsidiary of the system's owner)
marks No Reporting marks of transit operator
host No Reporting marks or names of railroad companies that own trackage that the transit system uses. Leave blank if system owns all right-of-ways, but add system's own mark if it is mixed between owned by system and trackage rights assigned to system.
character No Character of system or route – e.g. At-grade street running, or Fully elevated and grade-separated, or Underground subway, etc.
vehicles No Number of transit vehicles (or bicycles for bicycle share)
train_length No Number of traincars or coaches per trainset
headway No Time between trains on the same track
system_length No System length, otherwise known as route length (use {{convert|5|mi|km}} or {{convert|5|km|mi}} to display both U.S. and metric units)
notrack No Number of tracks on the lines the system uses
track_gauge No Track gauge (use template {{RailGauge}})
ogauge No Track gauge (use template {{RailGauge}})
minimum_radius_of_curvature No (use template {{convert}})
el No Overhead lines or Third rail, Voltage, AC or DC, etc.
average_speed No Average speed (if known; use {{convert|0|mph|km/h|abbr=on}} or {{convert|0|km/h|mph|abbr=on}} to display both U.S. and metric units))
top_speed No Top speed (if known; use {{convert}} similar to average speed)
map No Map of line
map_name No Title of map; default: System map
map_state No Shows or hides map. Use show or collapsed

Example[rætta wikitekst]

Sochi Light Metro
Bombardier Spacium train mockup
Eigari City of Sochi
Staður Sochi, Russia
Slag av flutningi Light Metro
Tal av leiðum 3
Tal av støðum 24
Raksturin byrjar 2013
Longd av skipan 864 km (537 mi)
Sporbreidd 1.520 mm (4 ft 11 2732 in) Russian gauge

An example from the Sochi Light Metro rapid transit system:

{{Infobox public transit
| name                 = Sochi Light Metro
| image                = Coat_of_Arms_of_Sochi_(Krasnodar_krai).png
| imagesize            = 150 px
| caption              = Bombardier Spacium train mockup
| owner                = City of Sochi
| locale               = [[Sochi]], [[Russia]]
| transit_type         = [[Medium capacity system|Light Metro]]
| lines                = 3
| stations             = 24
| operation_will_start = 2013
| system_length        = {{convert|86.4|km|mi|abbr=on}}
| track_gauge          = {{Track gauge|1520mm|allk=on}}
| map                  = {{Sochi Light Metro route diagram}}
| map_state            = collapsed

If some of the row of route map made with WP:ROUTE set (not entirely) breaks apart, possibly the infobox width is too short and forcing some of the text description within the route diagram template to return. Increase the box_width parameter, or putting auto will solve this problem.

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