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This infobox is used for a parliamentary election with multiple parties winning seats.

Usage[rætta wikitekst]

{{land dáta {{{country}}}|flagicon/core|variant=|size=50px}}
← {{{previous_election}}} {{{election_date}}} {{{next_election}}} →
Vallutøka {{{turnout}}}
Flokkur Formaður % Sessir +/−
{{{party1}}} {{{party_leader1}}} {{{percentage1}}} 20 +20
{{{party2}}} {{{party_leader2}}} {{{percentage2}}} 10 +5
Her síggjast flokkar ið vunnu sessir. Sí øll úrslini niðanfyri.
{{{title}}} áðrenn valið {{{title}}} eftir valið
{{Infobox legislative election
| ongoing           = 

| election_name     = 
| country           = 
| previous_election = 
| next_election     = 
| election_date     = 
| turnout           = 

| party1            = 
| party_leader1     = 
| seats1            = 
| seats1_before     = 
| percentage1       = 

| party2            = 
| party_leader2     = 
| seats2            = 
| seats2_before     = 
| percentage2       = 

| map               = 
| map_upright       = 
| map_alt           = 
| map_caption       = 

| title             = 
| before_election   = 
| before_party      = 
| after_election    = 
| after_party       = 

Parameters[rætta wikitekst]

Field Parameter name(s) Description
Ongoing ongoing Change to "yes" if the election results haven't been released
Name election_name Name of the elections. It will default to the page title if left blank
County country Name of the country or territory the elections are taking place in
Previous election previous_election Link to the previous elections (e.g. [[United Kingdom general election, 2010|2010]])
Next election previous_election Link to the following elections (e.g. [[United Kingdom general election, 2015|2015]])
Election date election_date Date of the elections
Turnout turnout % voter turnout
Party party1..15 Name of the party (e.g. United Party)
Party leader party_leader1..15 Leader of the party
Seats won seats1..15 Number of seats won by the party
Seats won at last elections seats1..15_before Number of seats won at the previous elections (template coding uses it to work out seat change)
Percentage percentage1..15 Percentage of the vote won by the party
Title title Title of the head of government (e.g. [[Prime Minister of the United Kingdom|Prime Minister]])
Map map Image file of a map
Map size map_upright Map size scaling factor; default is 1.3
Map alt map_alt WP:ALT
Map caption map_caption Caption text, perhaps including a {{Legend}}
Post holder before election before_election Head of government before the elections
Party of the post holder before election before_party Party of the head of government prior to the elections
Post holder after election after_election Head of government after the elections
Party of the post holder before election after_party Party of the head of government after the elections