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Spæli mál


This template, meant to be used on all musical instrument pages, takes the following parameters (bold parameters are required, others are optional):

  • {{{navn}}} – full name of the instrument
  • {{{nøvn}}} – other name/names
  • {{{mynd}}} – the filename of a photo of the instrument
  • {{{flokking}}} – the classification of the instrument (such as string, woodwind, etc.)
  • {{{mál}}} - the playing range of the instrument (an image is preferred; many are already created, see commons:Category:Instrument ranges)
  • {{{Related}}} - related musical instruments
  • {{{tónleikari}}} - related musicians
  • {{{Builders}}} - related musical instrument makers
  • {{{greinir}}} - other articles which may be of interest
  • {{{farva}}} – a color scheme for the Infobox (default is the orange-yellow color "#FFEC8B")