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Fyrimynd:Infobox German location

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Infobox German location
Land Týskland
Tíðasona CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)

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Infobox for German cities, towns and municipalities

[rætta wikitekst]

New infobox that combines features of de:Vorlage:Infobox Ort in Deutschland and Template:Infobox settlement, plus a few extra things.

Syntax - German parameters

[rætta wikitekst]

Also see English parameters in next section, or see: instructions for full syntax

List of basic German-name parameters (skip any unneeded fields):

{{Infobox German location
|Name             = 
|German_name      = 
|Art              = 
|image_photo      = 
|imagesize        = 
|image_caption    = 
|Wappen           = 
|Wappengröße      = 
|image_flag       = 
|lat_deg =  | lat_min =  | lat_sec =
|lon_deg =  | lon_min =  | lon_sec =
|Karte            =
|Lageplan         =
|Lageplanbeschreibung =
|Bundesland       = 
|Regierungsbezirk = 
|Landkreis        =  |Kreis =
|Amt = |Gemeindeverwaltungsverband = |Samtgemeinde = 
|Verbandsgemeinde =  |Verwaltungsgemeinschaft = |Verwaltungsverband = 
|Höhe             = elevation
|elevationmax     = "X-Xmax m (y-ymax ft)" Xmax is optional elevationmax
|Fläche           = 
|area_metro       = 
|pop_metro        = 
|PLZ              = 
|PLZ-alt          = 
|Vorwahl          = 
|Kfz              = 
|NUTS             = 
|LOCODE           = 
|Gliederung       = 
|Website          = 
|Bürgermeister    = 
|Bürgermeistertitel = 
|Partei           = 
|ruling_party1    = |ruling_party2  =  |ruling_party3 = 
|year             = 
|_noautocat       = 

Syntax - English parameters

[rætta wikitekst]

Click here to see instructions for full syntax information

List of English-name alias parameters (skip any unneeded fields):

{{Infobox German location
|name         = (or 'Name') English name of the place
|name_local   = (or 'German_name') German name
|image_photo  = image file for top image (omit "Image:")
|imagesize    = width of image_photo (default 268px)
|image_caption = phrase shown beneath top image
|image_coa    = (or 'Wappen') image file of town seal
|Wappengröße  = 
|image_flag   = image file of town flag
|lat_deg =  | lat_min =  | lat_sec = latitude degrees/minutes/sec
|lon_deg =  | lon_min =  | lon_sec = longitude degrees/minutes/sec
|Karte        =
|image_plan   = (or 'Lageplan') image file of bottom closeup map
|plantext     = (or 'Lageplanbeschreibung') heading above bottom map
|state        = (or 'Bundesland') optional state name (can translate)
|region       = (or 'Regierungsbezirk') optional region name
|district     = (or 'Landkreis' or 'Kreis') name of district
|borough      = 'Stadtkreis' or 'Bezirk', borough if subdivision
|Amt = |Gemeindeverwaltungsverband = |Samtgemeinde = 
|Verbandsgemeinde =  |Verwaltungsgemeinschaft = |Verwaltungsverband = 
|type         = type of subdivision, e.g. borough or quarter (locality)
|City         = city, if subdivision
|Town         = town, if subdivision
|elevation    = (or 'Höhe') meters above sea-level (converts to ft)
|elevationmax = "X-Xmax m (y-ymax ft)" Xmax is optional elevationmax
|area         = (or 'Fläche') area of location in square km
|area_metro   = area of metro part in square km
|pop_metro    = population of metro part (without commas)
|postal_code  = (or 'PLZ') postal or ZIP codes
|PLZ-alt      = (not displayed)
|area_code    = (or 'Vorwahl') telephone area code
|licence      = (or 'Kfz' or 'license') licence plate code
|NUTS         = (not displayed)
|LOCODE       = (not displayed)
|divisions    = (or 'Gliederung') divisions, such as "5 burroughs"
|mayor        = (or 'Bürgermeister') name of leader
|Bürgermeistertitel = official title of leader
|party        = (or 'Partei') political party of leader
|ruling_party1= |ruling_party2  =  |ruling_party3 = 
|year         = year founded
|website      = (or 'Website') URL of location website
|_noautocat   = 

Important features

[rætta wikitekst]

Since de:Vorlage:Infobox Gemeinde in Deutschland is being introduced to many German locations in the German Wikipedia, the variable fields here use the same names to make it easier for editors to import infobox information from the German Wikipedia to the English one.
For many fields, German values can be given (i.e. without translation to English) and will be displayed in English.

  • eg. By entering "Bundesland = Bayern", the infobox will display "State: Bavaria"

The variables with English names relate to features that do not exist in Infobox Ort in Deutschland.

Major new features, compared to {{Infobox Town DE}}:

  • No longer need a location map for each entry. By entering the geographical co-ordinates, a map is automatically displayed.
  • Population data automatically transcluded from {{Population Germany}}.
  • Area, population density and elevation automatically displayed in both metric and imperial units
  • Auto-categorisation of entries, depending on values entered
  • Optional 2nd map (Lageplan) at bottom, to display location in more detail.

Major new features, compared to de:Vorlage:Infobox Ort in Deutschland:

  • Can give year of city foundation: places article in "Category: xxxx establishments"
  • Can display representative photo of location (a feature of Infobox Town DE, which, for some reason, was never used) (e.g. see: Cologne)
  • In addition to displaying the political party of the mayor/lord mayor/etc., it is also possible to display the ruling parties. Currently, a coalition of up to 3 parties is supported - if more are needed, please report it on the template talk page. (e.g. see: Braunschweig).


[rætta wikitekst]

The HTML mark up produced by this template includes an hCard microformat, which makes the place-name and location parsable by computers, either acting automatically to catalogue articles across Wikipedia, or via a browser tool operated by a person, to (for example) add the subject to an address book. Within the hCard is a Geo microformat, which additionally makes the coordinates (latitude & longitude) parsable, so that they can be, say, looked up on a map, or downloaded to a GPS unit. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please see the microformat project.


[rætta wikitekst]

If the place or venue has an "established", "founded", "opened" or similar date, use {{start date}} unless the date is before 1583 CE.

If it has a URL, use {{URL}}.

Please do not remove instances of these sub-templates.

hCard uses HTML classes including:

  • adr
  • agent
  • category
  • county-name
  • extended-address
  • fn
  • label
  • locality
  • nickname
  • note
  • org
  • region
  • street-address
  • uid
  • url
  • vcard

Geo is produced by calling {{coord}}, and uses HTML classes:

  • geo
  • latitude
  • longitude

Please do not rename or remove these classes nor collapse nested elements which use them.


[rætta wikitekst]

When giving coordinates, please use an appropriate level of precision. Do not use {{coord}}'s |name= parameter.


[rætta wikitekst]
Hetta er TemplateData dokumentatiónin fyri hesa fyrimynd, ið verður brúkt av VisualEditor og øðrum tólum.

Infobox German location

Template parameters[Edit template data]


English name of location. Use only if name is different from article name

German name or local nameGerman_name or local_name

German name of location. Use only if name is different from English name.

Art or typeArt or type

Needed. Type of location. Also used for article categorisation. Accepts German and English names. Accepted values: * Municipality / Gemeinde - default * Town / Stadt - if the municipality has town-rights (ie. it appears on this list) * City - towns with more than 100,000 people (ie. it appears on this list) * Amt / Gemeindeverwaltungsverband / Samtgemeinde / Verbandsgemeinde / Verwaltungsgemeinschaft / Verwaltungsverband - collective municipality * Ortsteil / Stadtteil / Borough / Quarter etc. - subdivision of a city, town or municipality

City or Town or MunicipalityCity or Town or Municipality

Used for places that are subdivisions of cities, towns or municipalities. Use the field name that corresponds with the higher administrative unit (e.g. "City = Berlin" for parts of Berlin, "Town = Memmingen" for parts of Memmingen, "Municipality = Sassenburg" for parts of Sassenburg).


Image photo or repres imageimage_photo or repres_image

The top image, a representative photo of the location: skyline, notable landmark, etc. The image used should be wider than it is tall, to keep the infobox as compact as possible. No wikilinks.


Avoid. Use only when it is necessary to reduce the size of the above image from its default value of 268px. Tall images could be reduced, such as 220px, to balance the infobox appearance.

Image captionimage_caption

Caption underneath representative image. Keep as short as possible. Allows wikilinks

Wappen or image_coaWappen or image_coa

Coat of arms image. No wikilinks. Leave blank if image is unknown or unavailable. If the location simply does not have a coat of arms, put: Wappen = none.


Avoid. Use only when it is necessary to reduce the size of the above image from its default value of 120px.

lat_deg, lat_min, lat_sec, lon_deg, lon_min, lon_seclat_deg, lat_min, lat_sec, lon_deg, lon_min, lon_sec

Needed. Geographical co-ordinates of location. Give location in degrees and minutes (seconds can be given, but will not be displayed).


Avoid. Name of locator-map image. However, from the given geographical co-ordinates, a common map will be generated showing the position of the location within Germany. If, for some reason, the generated map does not work properly, use this field to replace the generated map with a specific image.

Bundesland or stateBundesland or state

Needed Federal state to which the location belongs. No wikilinks. Accepts English and German names, translates many names to English.

Regierungsbezirk or regionRegierungsbezirk or region

Name of the administrative region (Regierungsbezirk) that the location belongs to. Not used for all states. Regierungsbezirk articles on the English wiki are named "xxxx (region)", so only the name of the region is needed here (without wikilinks) and the infobox should link to the correct article.

Kreis / Landkreis or districtKreis / Landkreis or district

Needed. District that the location belongs to. If the location is an urban district, say Kreis = urban. District articles on the English wiki are named "xxxx (district)" or without the "(district)" part. For most cases, only the name of the district (xxxx) is needed here (without wikilinks) and the infobox should link to the correct article.

Amt, Gemeindeverwaltungsverband, Samtgemeinde, Verbandsgemeinde, Verwaltungsgemeinschaft, VerwaltungsverbandAmt, Gemeindeverwaltungsverband, Samtgemeinde, Verbandsgemeinde, Verwaltungsgemeinschaft, Verwaltungsverband

Some locations belong to a collective municipality of some sort. Fill in the corresponding field and delete all unused fields.

Gliederung or divisionsGliederung or divisions

Local subdivisions. When copying towninfo directly from the German wiki, please translate content of this field to English and remove any red links.

Bürgermeister or mayorBürgermeister or mayor

Name of the mayor/lord mayor/etc. Wikilinks automatically generated if the entry exists.


Title: Mayor / Bürgermeister, Lord Mayor / Oberbürgermeister, etc. Use wikilinks only if linking to a specific article (eg. Lord Mayor). Default is "Mayor"

Partei or partyPartei or party

Political party of Mayor/Lord Mayor/etc. Use standard party abbreviations (CDU, SPD, Green, FDP, PDS, FWG, etc.) and the correct wikilinks should be generated (if not, leave a comment on the template talk page). For independent politicians, say Partei=ind

ruling_party1, ruling_party2, ruling_party3ruling_party1, ruling_party2, ruling_party3

Party or parties that govern this location. Fill in this field in the same way as the Partei field.

Fläche or areaFläche or area

Area in square kilometres. Will automatically calculate value in square miles. Enter value without spaces or commas, otherwise an error message will be displayed in the area field.


Are of metropolitan area in square kilometres. Will automatically calculate value in square miles. Enter value without spaces or commas, otherwise an error message will be displayed in the area field. Only the bigger cities will have a need for this field.

Höhe or elevationHöhe or elevation

Elevation in metres. Will automatically calculate value in feet. For some entries, a range of elevation values is given in the German wiki. To prevent an error in the conversion to feet, any range values must use a simple minus sign instead of any other dash characters. Elevation ranges will not be converted to feet.


The Gemeindeschlüssel is the code for the municipalities, cities, districts etc. as used by the German statistics offices. For municipalities and cities this is an 8-digit number, either formatted "XX X XX XXX" or unformatted. This infobox uses this code to retrieve the municipality population from a database, see {{Population Germany}}. The code is not displayed. It is required for independent municipalities and cities. For dependent areas and settlements (quarters, boroughs, villages) use the "Einwohner" or "population" field.

Einwohner or populationEinwohner or population

Population. Don't use this for independent municipalities and cities, use the "Gemeindeschlüssel" field instead. If area is also given, population density will also be calculated. Enter value without spaces or commas, otherwise an error message will be displayed in the density field.


Date for population value. Enter in YYYY-MM-DD format (eg. 2006-12-31)

Pop metropop_metro

Population of metropolitan area. Only the bigger cities will have a need for this field.

Pop urbanpop_urban

Population of urban area. Only the bigger cities will have a need for this field.

Pop refpop_ref

Source for population statistic(s). Needed to make it easier to update population values in the future. The German wiki does not use this field, but the earlier English template {{Infobox Town DE}} does. This field must use the <ref>-code, citing the document or website. When this field is filled in, you must add a references section at the end of the article if it does not already have one. (eg. with {{reflist}}) Citation examples: 1. Minimum requirement: pop_ref=<ref>[http://www.samplesite.de Population source]</ref> 2. Expanded syntax:<ref>{{cite web |title=Bevölkerung im Regierungsbezirk Köln |url=http://www.lds.nrw.de/statistik/datenangebot/Regionen/amtlichebevoelkerungszahlen/rp3_juni06.html |author=Landesamt für Datenverarbeitung und Statistik Nordrhein-Westfalen |accessdate=2007-04-25 |language=German}}</ref> 2.

Kfz or licenceKfz or licence

Car number plate code for the location (1-3 capital letters).

Vorwahl or area_codeVorwahl or area_code

Telephone area code. If various values are given, display as a simple range (if possible). Avoid descriptions of each code.

PLZ or postal_codePLZ or postal_code

[edit] Postal code. If various values are given, display as a simple range (if possible). Avoid descriptions of each code.


Year of foundation, NOT the year of the first recorded mention of the location.

Website or websiteWebsite or website

Official website of the location. Trim displayed URL as much as possible. (eg. Website=[http://www.samplesite.de samplesite.de])

Page nameoptional
Lageplan or image_planLageplan or image_plan

Zoomed-in map image displaying location within a region of Germany (e.g., a state or a Kreis), with optional width, plansize=265px.

Lageplanbeschreibung or plantextLageplanbeschreibung or plantext

Caption for map image given by Lageplan. The template will attempt to automatically create a caption, using values given for other fields. If the caption does not match with the image, use this field to manually enter a caption.


Give a value of "yes" to prevent auto-categorisation. Used only on draft articles (i.e. in the User space)