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The primary purpose of Infobox Athletics Championships is to provide a simple summary of the details of an edition of an athletics championships or athletics competition at a multi-sport/Games event.

It also serves as a quick navigation link between the preceding and subsequent versions of the same athletics competition. It is relatively versatile in that it demonstrates and supports the inclusion of relevant images and icons, as well as allowing you to adjust the infobox colour to give a certain theme to a related set of articles.

Usage[rætta wikitekst]

Field name Usage
Name Name of games or championships
Logo Official logo of the competition, (or adequate substitute)
Size Size in pixels of the above image
Optional caption Alternate caption for image
Host city Name(s) of the city and country where the competition was held
Dates Starting and finishing dates of the competition
Stadium The main hosting stadium/stadia of the event
Stadium image A picture of the main stadium
Level Level of competition (e.g. Senior/U23/Junior/Youth)
Type Type of competition (i.e. Outdoor or Indoor)
Nations participating Number of nations with a representative athlete at the competition
Athletes participating Number of athletes at the competition
Events Number of athletics events featured in the competition programme
Records set Amount of Championships/Games/World records set during the competition
Individualprize Total amount in US$ awarded to the designated individual athletes
Teamprize Total amount in US$ awarded to the designated athlete teams
Previous The preceding edition of the competition
Next The following edition of the competition

Other options[rætta wikitekst]

Field name Usage
Colour Changes the colour of the infobox banner (Accepts html colours only: Default is light blue #A9D0F5)
Games In the case of an athletics event being part of a multi-sport event, the main games page can be linked at the bottom

Examples[rætta wikitekst]

Championships example[rætta wikitekst]

2009 European Athletics U23 Championships
Athletics pictogram.svg
(auto image: include official logo when possible)
Vertsbýur Kaunas, Lithuania Litava
Dagur(ar) 16–19 July
Høvuðsstadion S. Darius and S. Girėnas Stadium
Støði Under 23
Luttøka Unknown ítróttafólk úr
24 tjóðum
Kappingar 44
Met sett 2

{{Infobox Athletics Championships
|Name = 2009 European Athletics U23 Championships
|Logo =
|Size =
|Optional caption = (auto image: include official logo when possible)
|Host city = [[Kaunas]], [[Lithuania]] {{flagicon|Lithuania}}
|Dates = 16–19 July
|Stadium = [[S. Darius and S. Girėnas Stadium]]
|Nations participating = 24
|Athletes participating = Unknown
|Events = 44
|Records set = 2
|Level = Under 23
|Previous = [[2007 European Athletics U23 Championships|2007 Debrecen]]
|Next = [[2011 European Athletics U23 Championships|2011 Ostrava]]

Games example[rætta wikitekst]

Athletics at the
2007 Pan American Games
Engenhão no Pan.jpg
The main stadium during the 2007 Games
Vertsbýur Rio de Janeiro, BrazilBrasil
Dagur(ar) 22–29 July
Høvuðsstadion Estádio Olímpico João Havelange
Flamengo Park
Støði Senior
Luttøka ? ítróttafólk úr
? tjóðum
Kappingar 47
Met sett 13 Games records

{{Infobox Athletics Championships
|Name = Athletics at the <br>2007 Pan American Games
|Logo = Engenhão no Pan.jpg
|Size = 200
|Colour = #EDFF4B
|Optional caption = The main stadium during the 2007 Games
|Host city = [[Rio de Janeiro]], [[Brazil]]{{flagicon|Brazil}}
|Dates = 22–29 July
|Stadium = [[Estádio Olímpico João Havelange]]<br>[[Flamengo Park]]
|Nations participating = ?
|Athletes participating = ?
|Events = 47
|Records set = [[List of Pan American Games records in athletics|13 Games records]]
|Level = Senior
|Previous = [[Athletics at the 2003 Pan American Games|2003]]
|Next = [[Athletics at the 2011 Pan American Games|2011]]
|Games = [[2007 Pan American Games]]

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