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Infoboks støð
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This template may be used for rail, tram, bus and intermodal transport stations.


Onnur nøvn {{{other_name}}}
Staður {{{address}}}
Koordinatar 0°N 0°E / 0°N 0°E / 0; 0Coordinates: 0°N 0°E / 0°N 0°E / 0; 0
Hædd {{{elevation}}}
Eigari {{{owned}}}
Rikin av {{{operator}}}
Leið(ir) {{{lines}}}
Fjarstøða {{{distance}}}
Pallar {{{platforms}}}
Spor {{{tracks}}}
Tok veitarar {{{train_operators}}}
Bussleiðir {{{bus_routes}}}
Bus parkeringsøki {{{bus_stands}}}
Bus operators {{{bus_operators}}}
Sambond {{{connections}}}
Structure type {{{structure}}}
Depth {{{depth}}}
Platform levels {{{levels}}}
Parkering {{{parking}}}
Hentleikar til súkklur {{{bicycle}}}
Atkoma fyri rørslutarnað {{{disabled}}}
Arkitektur {{{architect}}}
Arkitektoniskur stílur {{{architectural_style}}}
Onnur kunning
Støða {{{status}}}
Støð-kota {{{code}}}
IATA kota {{{iata}}}
Vandaøkið {{{zone}}}
Flokking {{{classification}}}
Heimasíða {{{website}}}
Læt upp {{{opened}}}
Upplating {{{opening}}}
Læt aftur {{{closed}}}
Umbygt {{{rebuilt}}}
Ravmagnan {{{electrified}}}
Fyrrverandi nøv {{{former}}}
Uppruna fyritøka {{{original}}}
Pre-grouping {{{pregroup}}}
Post-grouping {{{postgroup}}}
Pre-nationalisation {{{prenational}}}
Key dates
{{{years}}} {{{events}}}
{{{years1}}} {{{events1}}}
{{{years11}}} {{{events11}}}
Ferðafólk ({{{pass_year}}}) {{{passengers}}} Steady 0% ({{{pass_system}}})
Nummar {{{pass_rank}}}

Railway stations

{{Infobox station
| name                = 
| native_name         = 
| native_name_lang    = 
| symbol_location     = 
| symbol              = 
| type                = 
| image               = 
| alt                 = 
| caption             = 
| address             = 
| borough             = 
| country             = 
| iso_region          = 
| coordinates_display = inline,title
| latd  = | latm  = | lats  = | latNS  = 
| longd = | longm = | longs = | longEW = 
| owned               = 
| operator            = 
| line                = 
| distance            = 
| platforms           = 
| tracks              = 
| train_operators     = 
| connections         = 
| structure           = 
| parking             = 
| bicycle             = 
| disabled            = 
| code                = 
| zone                = 
| website             = 
| opened              = <!-- {{Start date|YYYY|MM|DD|df=y}} -->
| closed              = <!-- {{End date|YYYY|MM|DD|df=y}} -->
| passengers          = 
| pass_year           = 
| pass_rank           = 
| services            = 

Bus stations

{{Infobox station
| name                = 
| native_name         = 
| native_name_lang    = 
| symbol_location     = 
| symbol              = 
| type                = 
| image               = 
| alt                 = 
| caption             = 
| address             = 
| borough             = 
| country             = 
| iso_region          = 
| coordinates_display = inline,title
| latd  = | latm  = | lats  = | latNS  = 
| longd = | longm = | longs = | longEW = 
| owned               = 
| operator            = 
| bus_stands          = 
| bus_operators       = 
| bus_routes          = 
| connections         = 
| structure           = 
| parking             = 
| bicycle             = 
| disabled            = 
| code                = 
| zone                = 
| website             = 
| opened              = <!-- {{Start date|YYYY|MM|DD|df=y}} -->
| closed              = <!-- {{End date|YYYY|MM|DD|df=y}} -->
| passengers          = 
| pass_year           = 
| pass_rank           = 




name in local language. If more than one, separate using {{Plain list}}
ISO 639-2 code e.g. "fr" for French. If more than one, use {{lang}} instead
current alternative name(s)
custom header
insert a language module, e.g. {{Infobox Korean name}}

Station symbols

The code of location of the station; first parameter of {{Rail-interchange}}
Symbol reference of the primary operator or network; second parameter of {{Rail-interchange}}
The code of location of the station; first parameter of {{Rail-interchange}}. Not needed if identical to symbol_location (symbol_locationn from 2 to 6)
Symbol reference of a secondary operator or network; second parameter of {{Rail-interchange}} (symboln from 2 to 6)


Transit system name and type of rail station (rapid transit, light rail, tram, commuter rail and/or regional rail); e.g. SEPTA rapid transit and tram station; Metrolink commuter rail station; San Diego Transit light rail station; RTA rapid transit station
Refers to an external 'style' template (see external style template for details). Leave blank if you do not have this.
Image of the station
Adjust the size of the image as a ratio
Image alt text; see WP:ALT
Caption to be placed under the image of the station
Street address of the station
Country administrative subdivisions
MSL elevation
The distance from a set point on the line, to this station
Station owner name
Station operator name
List of services that serve the station. Use {{Plainlist}}
Information on the type of platform(s) at the station
Number of tracks at the station
List of train operating companies (TOCs) that serve the station. Use {{Plainlist}}
number of bus stands at the station
bus operators serving the station
number of bus routes serving the station
Connecting services that serve the station such as bus


Type of station structure (underground, at-grade, or elevated)
The depth of the primary platform below ground level
Number of levels of platforms at the station (use only if more than one exists; mezzanine/entrance levels are not included)
Information on station's parking facilities
Information on station's bicycle facilities
What special facilities does the station have for people with disabiities
Architect of the station
Architectural style, e.g. Baroque

Other information

Generic station status field, e.g. Unstaffed
Agency station code (used on tickets/reservations, etc.)
IATA airport code
Fare zone station is located in
Station national classification
Web address of the station; use {{URL}}


Date station originally opened
Date station will be opening, if not open yet
Date station closed, either temporarily or permanently, along with reason for closing (for presently closed stations only)
Date station last received a rebuild
Previous station name(s)
Date station was electrified, if not previously at date of opening
Date or year of an event (Continue with yearsn from 1 to 11)
Event that occurred on that date (Continue with eventsn from 1 to 11)


Number of passengers using the station. In the reference, please make it clear if this figure is per day, per year, etc.
Year passenger information was gathered
Percentage increase or decrease in usage
System the passengers are using
Rank by passenger traffic of the station compared to total number of stations within the system, e.g. 115 out of 421
Allows display of multiple passenger totals using {{Rail pass box}}


Allows inclusion of the s-rail/s-line boxes
If set to 1, yes or collapsible, makes the S-line boxes hidden (by default) in a dropdown and adds a show/hide button to the Services header
If set to expanded, makes services shown by default if services_collapsible is enabled


map_type, map_overlay, AlternativeMap, map_alt, map_caption, map_size, map_dot_label, map_label_position
Allows inclusion of an image of the station location on a map (see map and coordinates for details)
Allows inclusion of route map diagram
Determines route map state

Map and coordinates

It is usually not necessary to use the coordinates= parameter, or the optional map_locator= parameter.

  • The latitude and longitude of the station may be specified:
    • in decimal degrees, using latitude= and longitude= OR
    • in degrees/minutes/seconds, using latd=, latm=, lats=, latNS=, longd=, longm=, longs=, and longEW=.
  • To display coordinates at the top of the page, use coordinates_display=yes. Otherwise coordinates will appear in the infobox only.
  • To change the format of the coordinates from DMS to decimal or vice versa, use coordinates_format=dec or coordinates_format=dms.
  • The ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 or ISO 3166-2 region code can often be determined automatically, based on the country= parameter.
    • To override the automatic value, use the iso_region= parameter.

One advantage of omitting the coordinates= and the map_locator= parameters is that you can display a {{Location map}} without duplicating coordinates.

{{Infobox station
| coordinates_display = <!-- non-blank to display coordinates at the top of the page. -->
| iso_region          = <!-- To override any automatically determined region code. -->
| map_type            = <!-- Location from Location map. -->
| map_overlay         = <!-- Overlay image file name, to be placed on top of the main map. Should have the same border coordinates. -->
| AlternativeMap      = <!-- Alternative map file name (changes background map, border coordinates are determined based on the map name); this is only recommended for use in templates. -->
| map_alt             = <!-- Alternative text for map image, see [[WP:ALT]] -->
| map_caption         = <!-- ''map caption''; for no caption enter "caption="; if the parameter is omitted then the caption will be "Marker text (location map name)" -->
| map_size            = <!-- Width of map -->
| map_dot_label       = <!-- Text to be displayed next to dot on map image -->
| map_label_position  = <!-- Override automatic label positioning; valid values are left, right, top, bottom, or none -->
Parameters to specify coordinates in degrees, minutes, and seconds of arc:
{{Infobox station
| latd   = <!-- ''latitude'' degrees -->
| latm   = <!-- ''latitude'' minutes -->
| lats   = <!-- ''latitude'' seconds -->
| latNS  = <!-- latitude: S=south, N=north (default) -->
| longd  = <!-- ''longitude'' degrees -->
| longm  = <!-- ''longitude'' minutes -->
| longs  = <!-- ''longitude'' seconds -->
| longEW = <!-- longitude: W=west, E=east (default) -->
Parameters to specify coordinates in decimal degrees:
{{Infobox station
| latitude  = <!-- ''latitude'' (decimal format; enter negative numbers for southern latitude) -->
| longitude = <!-- ''longitude'' (decimal format; enter negative numbers for western longitude) -->

Note: coordinates in decimal degrees are sensitive to extra whitespace in the parameters:

  • Incorrect: | longitude = - 123.45
  • Correct: | longitude = -123.45

External style template

An external style template may be used to allow the modification of display parameters. This can be the same template that is used in conjunction with Template:S-line, but may be a different template. The |style= parameter is used to specify the name of the template where the styling is defined; the template's name must end with the word "style", but this word must be omitted from the |style= parameter. For example, |style=Amtrak will use the {{Amtrak style}} template.

Parameter Description
name_format Formatting the station name in Infobox station
thcolor Font color for table headings in Infobox station
thbgcolor Background color for table headings in Infobox station

Embedding other infoboxes

The embedded= parameter can be used to embed another infobox with such capability like {{designation list}} and {{infobox NRHP}}.

Old parameters


The following parameters have been obsoleted and will no longer function:

  • baggage_check – Whether bags can be checked
  • facilities – generic facilities parameter; use more specific parameters where possible
  • gates – Type (or presence) of ticket barriers/ gates
  • image_size – Size in pixels of the image of the station
  • local_authority – Local authority or council covering the station
  • smartcardname – name of any smartcard(s) that are or will be available at the station
  • smartcardstatus – "Yes" if smart card is available, or a date (or other information) if available in the future (see Union (TTC) for an example)
  • travelcentre – Whether there is a travel advice centre


The following parameters are deprecated and may be removed in the future:

  • ADA – If any text is placed here a universal symbol for accessibility will appear
  • coordinates – Geographical coordinates of the station using {{coord}} directly
  • map_locator – Allows inclusion of an image of the station location on a map, using {{Location map}} or another method directly
Korean name


This first example shows the infobox of Sinanju Station with the Korean names:

Sinanju Ch'ŏngnyŏn Station
Fyrimynd:Infobox Korean name
General information
Staður Anju, South Pyongan Province
North Korea
Leið(ir) P'yŏngŭi Line
Kaech'ŏn Line
{{Infobox station 
| name          = Sinanju Ch'ŏngnyŏn Station
| hangul        = 신안주청년역
| hanja         = {{linktext|新|安|州|青|年|驛}}
| mr            = Sinanju-ch'ŏngnyŏnyŏk
| rr            = Sinanju-cheongnyeonyeok
| image         = Sinanju Chongnyon Station.jpg
| image_size    = 
| image_caption = 
| borough       = [[Anju, South Pyongan|Anju]], [[South Pyongan Province]]
| country       = North Korea
| coordinates   = 
| line          = [[Pyongui Line|P'yŏngŭi Line]]<br />[[Kaechon Line|Kaech'ŏn Line]]

This second example from the Paso Robles (Amtrak station) article uses S-line in the |services= parameter, and the external style template:

Paso Robles
Staður 800 Pine Street
Paso Robles, California 93446
Eigari City of Paso Robles
Leið(ir) Coast Starlight
Pallar 1 side platform
Spor 1
Undanfarna tokstøð   Amtrak   Næsta tokstøð
Coast Starlight
{{Infobox station
| style        = Amtrak
| name         = Paso Robles
| image        = Paso Robles Train Station.jpg
| address      = 800 Pine Street<br />[[Paso Robles, California]] 93446
| line         = [[Coast Starlight]]
| platform     = 1 side platform
| tracks       = 1
| owned        = City of Paso Robles
| services     =
{{s-line|system=Amtrak|line=Coast Starlight|previous=Salinas|next=San Luis Obispo|type=R|type2=R}}


The HTML mark up produced by this template includes an hCard microformat, which makes the place-name and location parsable by computers, either acting automatically to catalogue articles across Wikipedia, or via a browser tool operated by a person, to (for example) add the subject to an address book. Within the hCard is a Geo microformat, which additionally makes the coordinates (latitude & longitude) parsable, so that they can be, say, looked up on a map, or downloaded to a GPS unit. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please see the microformat project.


If the place or venue has an "established", "founded", "opened" or similar date, use {{start date}} unless the date is before 1583 CE.

If it has a URL, use {{URL}}.

Please do not remove instances of these sub-templates.


hCard uses HTML classes including:

  • adr
  • agent
  • category
  • county-name
  • extended-address
  • fn
  • label
  • locality
  • nickname
  • note
  • org
  • region
  • street-address
  • uid
  • url
  • vcard

Geo is produced by calling {{coord}}, and uses HTML classes:

  • geo
  • latitude
  • longitude

Please do not rename or remove these classes nor collapse nested elements which use them.


When giving coordinates, please use an appropriate level of precision. Do not use {{coord}}'s |name= parameter.

Cleanup tracking categories

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