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Usage[rætta wikitekst]

{{Infoboks Sangir/løg
| headline      = 
| extra_column  = 
| total_length  = 

| all_writing   = 
| all_lyrics    = 
| all_music     = 

| title_width   = 
| writing_width = 
| music_width   = 
| lyrics_width  =  
| extra_width   = 

| title1        = 
| note1         = 
| writer1       = 
| lyrics1       = 
| music1        = 
| extra1        = 
| length1       = 

| title2        = 
| note2         = 
| writer2       = 
| lyrics2       = 
| music2        = 
| extra2        = 
| length2       = 

| title3        = 
| note3         = 
| writer3       = 
| lyrics3       = 
| music3        = 
| extra3        = 
| length3       = 



Parameters[rætta wikitekst]

Parameter Description
|headline= An optional headline, to denote sides/disc numbers of an album (e.g. Side A, Disc 3, etc.) or in case of some works, special groups or cycles of songs. The default font-weight of the headline is bold. The {{nobold}} template can be used to have part or all of the headline appear in normal font weight. The headline "Track listing" (without the quotes) is added by default. Use the headline option to replace that text where needed.
|extra_column= Used to both enable and set the header for an additional column to hold per-track information. If this option is not used, no extra column will be shown. Use sparingly, in order to keep the overall column count to a minimum and if the respective type of data is not available for most tracks consider using the note fields instead. Some suggested headers: Artist (compilations), Original artist (cover albums), Producer(s), Remixer(s) (remix albums).
|total_length= Used to display the total length of the record at the bottom of the list. It should be specified in minutes and seconds, even if it is longer than one hour, for example 74:23.
Used to display general songwriting credits for the entire record in a note above the track listing. If all_writing is supplied, the other two parameters are ignored.
Include these parameters to override the default column widths (e.g. |title_width=30%). Note: If the width of a column is overridden, the width of all other columns used in the table must be also overridden for it to appear correctly.
|titlen= (i.e. title1, title2, etc.) The title of the respective track. Note that a track listing does not have to start with a #1 or continue with 1, 2, 3... order (e.g. for having side B of an LP start at track six or leaving out empty tracks preceding a bonus track). Track names are automatically put into quotes, unless the field is left empty, in which case the track name will display as Untitled (without quotes). This is used for when no title is given to a track in any form on the album or media that is officially related to the album.
|noten= (i.e. note1, note2, etc.) An optional note to be displayed in parentheses behind the title. Useful for original titles in other languages/scripts (e.g. kanji) or to denote bonus tracks only included in certain editions. Keep notes short. Excessive commentary disrupts the flow of the track listing, which should be easily scannable.
|writern= (i.e. writer1, writer2, etc.) Use to denote the writer(s) of individual tracks. Avoid redundancy: if all or most tracks on a record were written by the same person(s), consider using the all_writing option and using the noten options for any exceptions.
(i.e. lyrics1, music1, lyrics2, music2, etc.) Use to denote the lyricist(s) and composer(s) of individual tracks. If most tracks are written by the same people, you can use the all_lyrics and all_music options instead, and use the noten options for exceptions. Note that if any writern options are specified, all lyricsn and musicn options will be ignored, and the Lyrics and Music columns will not be displayed.
|extran= (i.e. extra1, extra2, etc.) Holds the content of the user-set column for the respective track (see extra_column).
|lengthn= (i.e. length1, length2, etc.) The length of the track in a m:ss formatting (or mm:ss or even h:mm:ss if particularly long tracks occur). For example: 4:35
|collapsed= Deprecated. Including this parameter with the value yes (|collapsed=yes) will cause the track listing table to start out collapsed. This was intended for very long lists or pages with several lists. Do not use this in mainspace (articles), per MOS:DONTHIDE and MOS:ACCESSIBILITY. Doing so breaks all of the following: 1) in-page searching, 2) screen readers, 3) mobile accessibility to the content, 4) browsers without Javascript (or with it temporarily disabled), 5) various reuse of Wikipedia content.

Examples[rætta wikitekst]

The Beatles ("the White Album") by the Beatles[rætta wikitekst]

The headline option, general songwriting credits:

Fyrimynd:Track listing Fyrimynd:Track listing Fyrimynd:Track listing Fyrimynd:Track listing

Greatest Hits by Queen[rætta wikitekst]

Per-track notes and writing credits, total_length option:

Fyrimynd:Track listing

Smile by L'Arc-en-Ciel[rætta wikitekst]

Individual per-track credits for music and lyrics, original song titles in the notes field:

Fyrimynd:Track listing

Yeah! by Def Leppard[rætta wikitekst]

Using the extra_column option to denote each song's original artist:

Fyrimynd:Track listing

Presets[rætta wikitekst]

For editing convenience, here are presets for the various possible track listing configurations. Before saving a track listing created with one of these, consider removing fields that are likely to remain empty in the foreseeable future.

Tracking categories[rætta wikitekst]

Previously this template used the parameters writing_credits, lyrics_credits and music_credits to determine which of the Writer(s), Lyrics, and Music columns to display. These parameters are now deprecated, and pages using them are categorized in Category:Track listings with deprecated parameters.

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