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Við hesari fyrimyndini kann #if verða nýtt soleiðis, at (restin er á enskum): that it does not strip spaces and newlines from the "then" and "else" part. For evaluating the condition spaces and newlines are stripped like with ParserFunctions.


  • {{ifnotempty| x | A | B }} gevur " A "
  • {{ifnotempty|x| A | B }} gevur " A "
  • {{ifnotempty| | A | B }} gevur " B "
  • {{ifnotempty|| A | B }} gevur " B "


  • {{#if:x| A | B }} gevur "A"
  • {{#if:| A | B }} gevur "B"

Expansion depth limit

13 levels allowed:

{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|a}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} gives a

{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|{{ifnotempty|x|a}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} gives a

Internal technical details

For evaluating the condition the template uses the actual parser function; however, not directly with p and q, because this strips spaces and newlines from the result, but with index values 1 and 2. The result can be 1, 2. The template with the applicable name is called (Template:P1 or Template:P2), with as parameters p and q.



Condition: string not empty.

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