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Fyrimynd:IPA soundbox

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This template produces a standard box to start a sound file. It has some extra features to help linking to a phonetic sound file. Also, there are options to format possible error messages and to alter the layout of the box. Basic examples:

  • {{IPA soundbox|ə}}
    File "mid central vowel#Mid-central unrounded vowel.ogg" does not exist
  • {{IPA soundbox||χ|Voiceless_uvular_fricative.ogg}}

Usage[rætta wikitekst]

The box is created in three steps:
Step 1. Determine the soundfile name

- By using input IPA symbol, looked up in a list:
ipa symbol=p
- Use input soundfile:
soundfile=bilabial click.ogg

Step 2. Check if the soundfile exists This check may prevent red links and (undesired) repeated checks

Step 3. Create the standard browser soundbox on the page, using [[File:soundfile]] Here the information is put together, optional settings such as size are used, and the result is soundbox.

Input options[rætta wikitekst]

: skip (expensive) check on file existence. Default=yes (do the check).
b. layout of the soundbox (these settings use basic layout parameters):
: show info icon ("noicon" in basic)
size (in px: default =250px, minimum is ~40px) Basic: width.
: any style (CSS format) to be used, e.g.
  • {{IPA soundbox|| ipa symbol=m| size=120px| style=border:1px solid red; background:yellow;}}

c. When an error would exist, show an error message:
- default: show errormessage as error message
errortext=something is wrong
: Show alternate text when error
: blank, no output at all (no showbox)

Example of check file once:

  • See {{infobox IPA}}. First the file is checked, and returns filename if exists. Then if there is a filename, the infobox row is composed, including the soundbox set with
Full parameter list
{{IPA soundbox
<!-- GENERAL -->
| ipa symbol    =
| style         =
| errortext     =
<!-- ABOVE -->
| show box above=
| showsymbol    =
| line-height   =
<!-- PLAYER -->
| soundfile     =
| checkexist    =
| showicon      =
| width         =
| size          =
Possible errors
1. IPA symbol unknown in IPAsym list
2. File does not exist
When an error exists, no button will be shown.

See also[rætta wikitekst]