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Usage[rætta wikitekst]

This template was created to help create standard result tables for handball competitions. {{Handball table row}} must be located between {{Handball table start}} and {{Handball table end}}. Use one line per team, ordered by number of points.

Blank template[rætta wikitekst]

{{Handball table row |team= |bg= |w= |d= |l= |gf= |ga= }}


{{hbt-row |team= |bg= |w= |d= |l= |gf= |ga= }}

Parameters[rætta wikitekst]

All parameters are optional.

  • team: Name of the team or club. Standard templates {{hbw}} and {{hb}} should be used for national teams.
  • bg: Use this parameter to change the row's background color. The following values are valid: a, b, e, o.
a: Green. Team advances to the next round or is the winner of the competition being displayed
b: Yellow. An unknown designation added by Mohsen1248 (talk · contribs)
c: Light blue. An unknown designation added by Fyrimynd:Brúkari
e: Red. Eliminated team
o: Blue. Other states, can be used to highlight teams advancing to placement matches or to a secondary competition
blank: If the parameter is left blank it defaults to a transparent background (no color)
  • w: Number of matches won
  • d: Number of draws
  • l: Number of matches lost
  • gf, ga: Number of goals for and against the team. The goal difference is automatically calculated based on this two values. Use only positive numbers

Dømi[rætta wikitekst]

{{Handball table start}}
{{hbt-row |team={{hbw|NOR}} |bg=a |w=4 |d=1 |l=0 |gf=156 |ga=111 }}
{{hbt-row |team={{hbw|ESP}} |bg=a |w=2 |d=2 |l=1 |gf=117 |ga=110 }}
{{hbt-row |team={{hbw|ROU}} |bg=o |w=3 |d=0 |l=2 |gf=143 |ga=141 }}
{{hbt-row |team={{hbw|HUN}} |bg=e |w=1 |d=1 |l=3 |gf=114 |ga=134 }}
{{hbt-row |team={{hbw|UKR}} |bg=e |w=1 |d=1 |l=3 |gf=130 |ga=148 }}
{{hbt-row |team={{hbw|DEN}} |bg=e |w=1 |d=1 |l=3 |gf=121 |ga=137 }}
{{Handball table end}}
Lið Lkt V J T MF MM Stg
 Noreg 5 4 1 0 156 111 +45 9
 Spania 5 2 2 1 117 110 +7 6
 Rumenia 5 3 0 2 143 141 +2 6
 Ungarn 5 1 1 3 114 134 −20 3
 Ukraina 5 1 1 3 130 148 −18 3
 Danmark 5 1 1 3 121 137 −16 3