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Fyrimynd:Gregorian serial date

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This template gives the Gregorian serial day. This is the numbers of days from the start of 1 A.D. (Monday, 1 Jan 1 = 1). (In the Gregorian Calendar there is no year 0) This template should handle all leap year exceptions including the 100 and 400 year rule. By default this template gives the serial for today. To find the serial for another date fill in the date into this code: {{Gregorian serial date|month = |day = |year = }}

Today's date is 739050.

  • {{gsd|year=1|month=1|day=1}} gives 1
  • {{gsd|year=2000|month=12|day=31}} gives 730485 (5 times the number of days of a cycle, 146,097)
  • {{gsd|year=1985|month=1|day=1}} gives 724642
  • {{gsd|year=1985|month=4|day=12}} gives 724743
  • {{gsd|year=1981|month=8|day=12}} gives 723404
  • {{gsd|year=1953|month=10|day=2}} gives 713228

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