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Templates creating links to a Map sources page[rætta wikitekst]

All of these templates create a link to a "Map sources" page, using the British Ordnance Survey National Grid:

What to type What it makes
{{gbmapping|SU 616 687}} netmynstur tilvísing SU 616 687
{{gbmappingsmall|SU616687}} SU616687
{{gbmappingsmall|SU 616 687}} SU 616 687
{{gbmaprim|SU 616 687|Ufton Lock}} Ufton Lock
{{gbmapscaled|SU616687|200|editor-selectable scale}} Fyrimynd:Gbmapscaled
{{oscoor gbx|461600_168700}} Fyrimynd:Oscoor gbx

The "prim" part of "gbmaprim" stands for primitive—gbmapping calls gbmaprim to actually create the link.

Templates creating direct links to specific websites[rætta wikitekst]

These templates are provided for any editor who wishes to illustrate a particular point being made in an article, they should not be used as a replacement for a map sources link. If you use them:

  1. please provide a link to the map sources page as well somewhere in the article
  2. be aware that the external link may change or may look different to someone else, e.g. multimap comes up at different sizes.
What to type What it makes
this map printed in 1883}}
Fyrimynd:GBvosi (at old-maps.co.uk)
{{mmukpc|PE21|0NB}} Fyrimynd:Mmukpc(at multimap—useful for railway station articles—but not much else)

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