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Fyrimynd:Football kit box

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This template displays a {{football kit}} in a bordered box with a caption, like an image. It can be used to represent strips in articles outside the infobox.


Syntax is the same as with {{football kit}}, with an additional align attribute which can be set to left, right or center. The default is right if unspecified.

width can also be supplied and defaults to 120 (px).

This template is for creating standalone thumbnail-style boxes for football kit designs.

For detailed instructions see en:template talk:football kit.


1884-85 colours
{{Football kit box
 | align      = right
 | pattern_la = _whitewithspots
 | pattern_b  = _whitewithspots
 | pattern_ra = _whitewithspots
 | leftarm    = 990000
 | body       = 990000
 | rightarm   = 990000
 | shorts     = 999900
 | socks      = 000099
 | title      = [[1884-85 in English football|1884-85]] colours

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