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{{land dáta {{{1}}} | flaglink/core | variant = | size = | name = | altlink = á HM í vegsúkkling FlagUCIRoad }}

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The FlagUCIRoad template is designed to provide links to the "Nation at Championships" style sub-articles on the UCI Road World Championships pages.

Usage[rætta wikitekst]

The template has four input fields:

{{FlagUCIRoad|Country code|Edition|Cyclists|Flag variant}}
  • The Country code is the three letter country code used to refer to the nation in international competitions (e.g. Afghanistan = AFG)
  • The Edition field relates to which version of the competition needs to be linked (e.g. "2013" will link to "2013 UCI Road World Championships"). Leaving this field intentionally blank will automatically use the current page name to create the link
  • The Cyclists field is for when the template is used in participating nations sections. This will show the number of cyclsts the nation has entered in parentheses after the flag and country name
  • The Flag variant allows for when a country has changed their flag over the course of their competing at the cycling championships. For example, using "SFR" here with the country code YUG (Yugoslavia) will produce a flag and nation name for the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Examples[rætta wikitekst]

*{{FlagUCIRoad|NED|2013 World|3}}

*{{FlagUCIRoad|USA|2009 World|39}}

Blank edition field[rætta wikitekst]

When using a blank edition field on a template used on the 2011 UCI Road World Championships page:


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