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Frá Wikipedia, hin frælsa alfrøðin

[[File:{{country_flag_IOC_alias_{{{1}}}|}}|22x20px|border|alt=|link=|{{country_IOC_alias_{{{1}}}|}}]] [[{{country_IOC_alias_{{{1}}}|}} á |{{country_IOC_alias_{{{1}}}|}}]] ({{{1}}})

Documentation icon Skjalfesting til fyrimyndina[vís] [rætta] [søga] [dagfør]


This template is used to display a small flag and name of a country, with a wikilink to the country's page for the specified Olympic games.

  • code is an International Olympic Committee country code (see List of IOC country codes).
  • games is a string of the form <year> Summer, <year> Winter, or just Summer or Winter. Wikipedia:WikiProject Olympics has created a full set of pages of the form "<country> at the <year> <Summer/Winter> Olympics" and the intent is that this template can be used from medal tables and event result tables to point to the right country page. Also, the correct historical flag is chosen based on this string, for countries that had different flags in the past.
  • {{flagIOCteam|GER|Vetrar-OL}} Týskland (GER)
  • {{flagIOCteam|ESP|Summar-OL 1992}} Spania (ESP)
  • {{flagIOCteam|DEN|Summar-OL 2016}} Danmark (DEN)
  • {{flagIOCteam|CAN|Vetrar-1924}} Kanada (CAN)