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This template creates the closing bracket of a table that displays round-by-round positions for every team in the league and adds the update date and the source for the table. It must be used together with Template:Fb rbr pos header and Template:Fb rbr t pos.

Nýtsla[rætta wikitekst]

The template features the following parameters:

  • u: The date for the last update of the table. Wikifying of dates shall not be applied. This parameter is optional.
  • s: The source for every round of standings. A native source would be preferred; however, if no such source exists, try www.kicker.de (Týskt) as this page links standings also by round/match day/week/however-the-name-is.

Dømi[rætta wikitekst]

{{Fb rbr pos_header |sort=y |nr=10 }}
{{Fb rbr position|text=Team|m1=11|m2=12|m3=8|m4=9|m5=9|m6=8|m7=6|m8=8|m9=7|m10=8}}
{{Fb rbr pos footer|u=16 November 2008 |s=[http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/intligen/ligen/tabelle/liga/700 www.kicker.de] {{de icon}}}}

will result in this:

Lið \ Umfar 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Team 11 12 8 9 9 8 6 8 7 8

Last updated: 16 November 2008
Kelda: www.kicker.de (Týskt)

The link given is a link to the Italian standings on the kicker homepage. In general, standings for certain rounds on www.kicker.de can be selected by choosing the specific round from the "Spieltag" dropdown menu.

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